Risk of Rain 2 Tier List For Best Characters 2023

The most up to date ROR 2 Tier List for choosing the Quality characters in the game.
Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List Finding the Best Character

Our Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier list helps you chose the best character with excellent abilities in the game so you can maximize your probability of winning from a huge margin and earn some coins as well. This tier list featuring the all characters of the game frame worst to best. Check them out and you’ll end choosing the best character in the game.

There are around ten playable classes in RoR 2 and Commando is the one that is available as default character when you begin the game. We will find the best character of Risk of Rain 2 out of the whole lot.

Hope you enjoy this post as you will know the highlights of all the characters in the game and finally lock on ROR 2 best character. If there’s one of your favorite characters listed but it’s not unlocked yet then check out our ROR 2 Character unlocking guide to unlock your favorite or best tier character.

Mostly there is a trade-off in all the characters in terms of the hitting power and its mobility. Also, an important thing is you should be able to play all the characters, if possible, as runs in the game become a bit tougher if you refuse to play the top of the line characters.

The list of the characters go like this:

  • Commando
  • Huntress
  • MUL-T
  • Engineer
  • Artificer
  • Mercenary
  • Rex
  • Loader
  • Acrid and
  • Captain

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List 2021

ROR 2 Tiers

F Tier

Commando (Basic)


It is the base character of the game of RoR2. This character doesn’t need any unlocking. Everyone plays Commando at the beginning of the game. It is not the most developed character in the game as you would expect from a basic one.

However, it is almost a jack of all trades and does quite a bit of damage to its opponents. But still, it is not best at all.

Strengths: simple, free, and quite capable

Weakness: other characters are far better

B Tier



This character has a lot of punch as compared to the best. If you compare it with Huntress you will find Mercenary to be a Melee Huntress. With that we mean that the Mercenary has most of the properties of the Huntress but in a smaller range. It has good mobility and damage.

You will require a higher skill set due to the fact that this character lacks range.

Strength: high mobility and damage dealer

Weaknesses: melee



This character is a great survivor. Deals a good damage and AOE. It has a close to lethal poison which is not lethal. What it means is that it can deal a DPS from far as well as close but it wouldn’t kill the enemy it would only reduce its health substantially.

It is not the best because the level of all the good things are slightly less in magnitude.

Strength: blow bosses rather well, good survivor, good AOE

Weakness: mobility is an issue and doesn’t terminate in a go

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It is good to experiment with it only to find its that it isn’t that bad only the style required to play this character is a whole lot different than others.

Its DPS is the maximum when compared to others and the ability to control its own health.

But it isn’t the best of all the characters.

Strength: weakens its enemies, control its own horsepower

Weakness: tons of weaknesses, mobility, damage….many.



This character is the latest addition to RoR2 family. It does have some rough edges towards being a survivor. This character’s utility skill is good but not the best.

This character of Captain is just a mildly strong character, that’s it.

Strength: not too many

Weaknesses: Plenty…

A Tier



Artificer unleashes one of the highest damages in the entire game of RoR2. It is a favorite of many players. It has flamethrower which can cause a damage of 4400% and this character can terminate enemies at 30% health with its power of freeze abilities. 

But there is a catch to the extremely powerful capabilities and it is called cooldown time. There is a cooldown time to even its primary shot. And even the primary cooldown is nothing like any other survivor on the list. This makes this character a lot of difficult to operate practically.

Also, the health part is not the highest, not even close to the highest. And better not to discuss its mobility because it is terribly slow. Over all it is hard to play with this character.

Strengths: Good AOE and extraordinary damage.

Weaknesses: longer cooldowns and literally no mobility, hard to play it



It is essentially a boss terminator of RoR2. The punch is really strong. It takes away a lot of power out of bosses in a single go. It is literally a tank among characters. However, its mobility is rather very good.

But what puts it back is its inability towards causing ranged damage. It is pathetic in taking down the enemy flying units. All it can do is throw its shock drone towards them or go close and expand its punch. This is what contains it from the strongest character list in the RoR 2.

Strengths: Boss executer, highly Mobile, great health.

Weaknesses: cancause only Melee damage.

Way to Unlock Loader

Huntress (3rd Rank)


In RoR2 world the damage of the Huntress is worth calling the best. Except her dashing all the other moves deal maximum damage. This character is in every way a Commando but hyper one. Her primary shot is nice and she can do it while moving and her secondary has a large AOE.

What contains this one from the top spot is its lowest horsepower in the game. However, because of her damage and mobility, she is lethal to most of her enemies.

Strengths: high damage, and great mobility

Weaknesses: low hp

S Tier

MUL-T (Rank 2)


This one is great survivor. It has great health and highest damage potential and the best of all – fastest attack speed. The armour is 12 and can manage another 200 on top of the existing 12. In total that becomes 66% damage reduction which is quite an insane amount.

It can hold two pieces of equipment simultaneously. MUL-T is one of the best characters of RoR2 and ranks 2nd in the list.

Strengths: great damage dealer, can hold two equipment, good armour.

Weakness: not too good of a range.

Rank one! – Engineer (only for solo)


The best overall character in RoR2 and has the potential to most things with ease. This character’s sentries are good enough in mob environment. So much so that it doesn’t even require to look at the enemies due to the sentries that are available.

Speaking of its survivability, is not the best but is still great. But one place it lacks is mobility. And there is no dashing capability like that of the Huntress and the Soldier.

This character of Engineer, however, has turrets it can get all the items as if there are quite a few of you yourself there in the place. It is a good bargain in Group runs as well.

Strengths:  almost everything is perfect, boss execution as well is great.

Weaknesses: mobility isn’t the best.


RoR2 is one game which is pretty good at value. It keeps you engaged and there is not a dull moment in the game but the characters are slightly strange (Commando wears a bowl on its head!).

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