Adopt Me! World Ocean Day Update Guide

Let's celebrate World Ocean Day by claiming free items in Roblox Adopt Me!
adopt me Free World Oceans Day Items

Roblox has got various versions that keep getting released, and one such arrangement is the Adopt Me. This game starts with a concise and basic tutorial, and then you will be asked to complete specific tasks which will lead to the hatching of eggs, and through this, you will discover and get your first own pet. The game Roblox Adopt Me had a lot of salient features, and some of the specs of the game are:

  1. Collecting and hatching pets
  2. Toys and items are in abundance, which you have to find and manage.
  3. You have to use these items and toys to your advantage.
  4. You can trade your collected pets and items with other players for a better chance at having something.
  5. Making your own house and decorating it according to your will.

Roblox Adopt Me!

In this version of Roblox, all the items and pets you collect will be stored in a backpack type of thing. There will be an icon of a backpack hovering on your screen, and as soon as you order something or get a pet, it will go there, and you can redeem it whenever you want. If you wish to purchase specific items or help your pet grow, you need some money in this game. To collect cash in Roblox Adopt Me, you have to complete particular tasks through which you will receive some money in the form of “bucks” which you can redeem and buy other collectables. 

To get this money, you have to complete the desired set of tasks shown to you in the taskbar at the top of the screen. Whenever you are required to do something, it will start flashing at the top of the screen, and you can go about clicking on it, and it will direct you straight to the task zone.

The pets in adopting me are the main highlight of this epic version. You can have pets in the form of common pets, uncommon pets, rare pets, ultra-rare pets, and legendary pets. Collecting each of them occurs in different ways, and you have to reach the specific location of the pet and where it is available to collect it and move forward with the game. 

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Since adopting me is practically based on pets and animals, it is obvious that the developers love animals and are passionate about them. This is why Roblox decided to team up and support a very dear cause to animals and help them a lot.

Roblox keeps coming out with new and unique updates, and they have always been vocal about social issues through their exciting and moving versions of the game. One such update has recently come to light in honour of the world ocean’s day. The latest update of Roblox Adopt Me was in honour of the world ocean’s day to talk about and support the cause of the care for oceans. For this, the Uplift games, which are Roblox developers, have collaborated and joined hands with the WDC or the whale and dolphin conservation to celebrate world oceans day. 

What is WDC in Adopt Me?

WDC stands for the whales and dolphins’ conservation and is a charity that aims at maintaining the oceans and the welfare of the sea creatures, especially whales and dolphins who have been endangered in recent times. All the money they receive as donations go straight to protect these creatures and maintain the oceanic life for them. They do so by creating protection contracts in local areas where there are sea bodies with dolphins and whales in abundance and work towards advocating for sea life in pollution, captivity reduction, and hunting.

Uplift games have decided to support their cause, and this can be seen by their latest Roblox adopt my update. According to this, assume me developers have already donated $50,000 to the WDC foundation and have added new games and items in Roblox to show their solidarity and support to this cause. They are continuously promoting whale and dolphin conservation through their games. The money donated by adopting me is basically for the training of the future conservationist by the WDC.

World Ocean Day Free items to Claim

Roblox has launched an exclusive piece on all the free items available in honour of world oceans day in Roblox Adopt Me. Some of these items are pretty useful, and if you do end up collecting them, it can make you look cool in front of your friends and competitors. 


On the world oceans day event, Adopt Me released a set of eight WDC badges that the players can go around collecting. Although the limitation is that they can only gain access to one badge per hour, and as soon as you collect one WDC badge, a timer begins, which will notify you again when to order the next one. These badges are technically pet wear in your backpack, and you can equip these on any of your pets if you want. You have to collect all of them to complete the set, and these are free.


When you have petted tiny pets, Roblox adopts me, and they tend to get tired all the times. You can redeem this free clam stroller for them, which looks cute and can help your pet out when they are exhausted. You can find this at the ocean stand and redeem it absolutely free. You can find this stroller located in the stroller section of your backpack, and you can carry your pet around anywhere on the adoption island quite easily.


Nothing is more soothing than music, and this wonderful musical conch free can be redeemed by the players from the ocean stand. If you get it, you can use it to sit and relax with your friends, play some of the most musical tunes on it, and have a good time.

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