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Bloxburg is a great game where you can try new house ideas and this post is all about trying out great ideas for making houses in 2021. We are going to tell you about the great Bloxburg House builds in this place. 

If you are looking for the same then you are at the right place. So let us just dive in for the most economical ways to get some great houses in Bloxburg.

Great Ideas for Bloxburg House

We are listing some great house ideas in Bloxburg that consist of great builds with modernity, trendy floors, and no game-pass cheaper ideas. If you are looking for cheaper ways to build a kitchen, living, dining, bathing room, bedroom, and the likes then continue to read on.

  1. Cheap Modern House

This build of 10k with no game pass is still the top idea in the lowest budget. This is the coolest way to get a single modern trendy house in Bloxburg. The items used in it are the ones used in the story. 

This house has all the basic amenities such as a living, kitchen, bigger windows and stylized bathrooms. The best part is you don’t need a game pass to get here.

  1. Simple Townhouse

This is a very humble house yet it can fit in your family comfortably. This house is in the town suburbia. And it can send you to a place where it is nice and comfortable. Privacy is taken into account while designing the house and its rooms.

This is a small house where you can generate new ideas in the house to do and it will always keep you busy.

  1. Blush Modern Mansion

There is a Blush Modern Mansion by french rxses to push your limits to build a house in Bloxburg. It is an amazing architecture with rich class. You can say that it is straight out of your dreams. It has two stories that are massive and have all the amenities and more.

However, you need a game pass to build it. And if you have the budget then you can go ahead and build it for yourself. This is one of the best luxury mansions that you can think of. 

  1. Hillside Mansion

If you are looking for more luxury than you can go for a slightly higher budget Hillside Mansion by YouTuber Cylito. This mansion is more than a luxury house and will cost you 188k. With that much you can get all the amenities plus a fireplace, a pond, large open areas, a personal waterfall and many more things.

  1. Colonial House

If you want still more then there is another elegant and budget option for you. This house is by YouTuber Anix and is called the Colonial House. This cool house doesn’t require a game pass. This house is complete with a pool, garden area and rich interiors. The structural layout is cool and the interior has a kids’ area, garage, bedrooms, kitchen and living.

  1. Mini Mansion

From Anix only you have this one more option of a mini mansion with two floors costing you a mere 30k. It has a separate garage, a yard and the looks of this mansion are awesome. The interior consists of amenities and is modern in nature.  It also has a dedicated study, a kitchen and a wooden dining table and a nice living area. This house can accommodate a small family fairly easily. It is also ideal for holidaying purposes.

  1. Modern Elegance Family Home

This is a multi-storied house and has sectional flow, i.e., there are sections for many things. You do not even step out and you will find everything you need within this house.

This house contains a big hot tub where you can relax. There is also an indoor gym attached to it. So, if you are a fitness freak then this house takes care of that too.

  1. Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion

This house contains all the above plus much more. This is literally a castle. It has everything that you can think of. However, if you are planning to move within the house then you have to travel a bit! 

There is a waterfall with flora surrounding it from all the sides. This is nothing short of a paradise. And it is difficult to imagine anything outside of what this mansion provides.

  1. Blush Pink house

It is a cherry themed house and if you like it then you can move in it. This provides a pink aesthetics to the game and everything is custom made like.

The good part of this house is that you don’t need a ton of materials to make this house. It is quite simplistic in design and you can change things inside including color themes.

  1. Aesthetic Loft

It is a loft that is quite futuristic. But I think that it is outside of this world as it contracts traditional and futuristic ideas into one big idea and is quite nice and affordable at the same time. It has a black and white contrasting theme and is nice to the eyes. The stairs are classy and give you a feel of an entirely new dimension to the house. 

  1. Lapis Lakehouse

If you are looking for a mansion with a lake right next to it then this is the mansion for you. It provides you with a lot of relaxation outside the city’s hustle and bustle. This one is also quite easy to create. It is also quite inspiring.

This house has a Southern Royalty house theme and it has large lake side windows to have a beautiful look from outside.


Well guys and gals this is it from our side. Hope you like the post and if you like it then keep watching this space for more interesting content on Bloxburg. Till then Happy gaming😊

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