Does Roblox Have Voice Chat Now?

Is there any voice chat feature available in Roblox? scroll down to learn more.
Does Roblox have Voice Chat Support?

Voice chatting can be of great help in games particularly if you are teaming up in the game. You can not only socialize but also coordinate projects successfully. Roblox is actually meant for a younger generation of players. If you try to find out you will see that more than 55% of the game’s audience is around 13 years or less.

That is one reason why the chatting options in Roblox are limited. The reason may be to shield the kids from some unwanted lingo. Maybe that is why we don’t have an in-built Voice Chat in Roblox. But there is hope, read on to find out.

Is there any Voice Chat in Roblox?

So, actually there is no Voice chat there. Voice Chat in Roblox is currently not available. However, with increasing popularity of the game there are some requests to enable voice chatting in the game. The developers are considering some options for the same. In fact, the team’s Vice President has said on some “safe” voice chatting options to be implemented soon in the near future! As far as what is going to be like, we don’t know yet. But as the guesses may fly, we expect some beeps to censor improper lingo in the voice chatting system.

Although there is no voice chatting system in-built into the game, but you can install third party apps such as Discord and Parsec to run private voice chats with your known community of players. These private voice channels are a cool option though as you know the players and you are going to be familiar. It is far better than what happens with unknown players as you may not know the type of language thy are going to use.

Anyways, for now there’s no in-built voice chatting system, but when it comes, we can expect it to be nice and state-of -the -art.


It may be disappointing to you that there is no Voice chatting in the game, but it is better to be safe than sorry for all those young people on board Roblox. Maybe it is going to be there in a way you didn’t expect but it is not going to be too soon for the Roblox Voice Chat to show up.

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