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Launched in 2006, Roblox is an MMO gaming platform that harbors a sea of games for people to choose and play from different gaming genres and allows gamers to create and publish their games on the forum. Roblox includes racing games, fighting games, dressing-up games, and a lot more. Roblox works on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox, and a lot more. There aren’t a lot of problems faced by people when it comes to playing games on Roblox because of the stellar and perfect environment and website they provide, but some of the people complained about bugs on their Xbox when they tried to play.

How does the problem affects the users

Certain users who operate Roblox on their Xbox complained about bugs and how the games don’t work on it. When asked about the problem, the message that appears on their screen is, “the Roblox game you are trying to join is currently not available (error 103)”. The players tried to rerun it properly on windows, but the efforts went into vain, considering the account was running just fine there. The problem has occurred only in the Xbox console, but there are ways to fix it.


There are many developed and published games on Roblox, but since it is an MMO platform that allows the players to play one game through another, the complex mechanism can sometimes be a safehouse of bugs and errors. Roblox is continuously developing, and hence these error codes tend to appear time and so on. Still, they can be easily fixed by following specific steps and understanding the roots of the problem.



Roblox is designed for teenage children and adults in specific. They have strict gaming and privacy policies, and they do their best to protect children under the age of 13 from playing certain games unsuitable. For this, they have an additional layer of security that can cause an error if breached. This error code might occur because the windows account you have signed in has your age registered as below 13. You can create a new Roblox account at the right age and fix this problem.


Sometimes the ports in the Roblox are not functioning correctly and not being forwarded, which can cause problems when it comes to playing on the console. You can fix it by manually forwarding the ports or using UPnP in your router, which will make this error go.

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  • Content from other people’ DISABLED

When you play Roblox on a console with a child account, you are blocked from entering specific servers or viewing content published by other people. You can fix this by enabling the feature through the parent account, and then the error code would disappear.


Sometimes the game installation process becomes challenging, and it is all a mess and turns into a bad game installation. This can be fixed by uninstalling the game and reinstalling it again, making sure all the ad-on is downloaded again.


A power cycling procedure to clear the power capacitors stored in the files of your OS can be removed, and then the error will go. This happens because of the film ware glitch in your files.


Since five problems may be causing the bugs and errors in your Xbox console, these five solutions adhering to each issue can be adapted by you, and the bug will be fixed in no time.


Since most of the time, the date of birth is causing the problems, you can change your DOB from the Microsoft accounts you signed in with. The other way is to have a new date of birth by making a brand new account and then linking it to Roblox. Make sure the new account you create has your DOB of more than 18. You can do this by signing up on the Roblox page, filling in your credentials appropriately, and signing up with this account on your console.


The problem with multiplayer games is that ports are used for people-to-people connection, which sometimes doesn’t get forwarded quickly and causes problems. You can fix this by going to your router’s login page. There you will see the option of UPnP in the NAT section. You need to enable this to get changed from within your router, and you don’t experience any discrepancy in the gameplay.


This happens when using a child account, and your parent account has blocked you from accessing other people’s content. You can revoke the access and have error-free gaming further on. To do this, you need to sign in to your Xbox console and then go to your games tab. There you will see the box of settings, and within it, the family tab will be displayed. Click on the child account facing a problem and go to custom under the privacy setting there. There you will see the option of “see content other people make,” and as soon as you enable it, the error will disappear from the screen.


Sometimes none of the solutions mentioned above actually work, and you continue seeing the error. This can get frustrating, but the most common way everyone knows is the reinstallation of any game they are playing, and it is lagging. The same can be done with Roblox. You can do this by opening the Xbox guide menu and going to the controller menu. Redirect to the games and apps menu, where you will see the Roblox installation option. There will be an uninstall option which, on clicking, will uninstall the game. You can download it again and have error-free gaming.


You can follow the most basic on and off method to try and fix the bug which can be caused due to a temporary firmware problem in any temp file available on your OS. It would be best to make sure that the console is switched on properly and then hold on to the power button until the lights go off and it is switched off properly. After this, wait for a minute before removing the plug and then plug back in and restart your game.

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