Roblox Keep Disconnecting Due to Error Code 277? Try this fix!

Getting Roblox Error Code 277? Try this fix!
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When it comes to one of the most popular and played worlds of gaming, nothing can beat Roblox. The freedom to have gameplay lets you explore a plethora of games it contains and allow you to develop your own and publish it is something highly unique and well accepted by the gamers. You can have access to the best weapons and tools in the game and can even customize and create your own. You can put them up for sale and end up receiving Robux if people decide to purchase. By being one of the largest platforms for gaming with a user base of over 64 million active users, Roblox is supposedly the best and the most significant bug-free game ever. But sometimes, even such well-developed games go through errors.

Sometimes when you are playing a game on Roblox, it gets disconnected within 5 minutes. This is due to loss of connection, and when this happens, an error code 277 flashes on your screen, which can look alarming if you don’t know the cause and the reason for it. This is a bug in Roblox that the developers haven’t fixed, but the Roblox community is so vast and dedicated that they have some fixes.

What Is Error Code 277 in Roblox?

Before we look for a fix, we need to know precisely the Roblox error code 277. This is a bug that happens when the client’s connection has been disrupted with the server of Roblox due to some internet connectivity reasons.

roblox keeps disconnecting

The main reason is that the windows registry file is corrupt, and there is a geo content block. It can happen at any time and on any platform where you are playing the game. The incomplete installation of files and malware infections can also be one of the root causes of error code 277.

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What Causes The Error Code 277?

There are a few predicted reasons which might cause the error code 277, and some of them are:


Sometimes the problem begins at the end of the Roblox server, and due to their poor maintenance or under maintenance situations, you might not be able to stream the game. 


Sometimes there might be some bug in your Windows registry, which leads to your system files being corrupted. This is something you need to get resolved quickly because it can affect the health of your PC alongside the error code display.


The limit of any game is 3000 parts, and if you have a game like Roblox, which has 4500 features, there are bound to be bugs within it. This can lead to overloading and excessive content on the page, which can cause bugs and poor streaming of the game.

Roblox Main Screen

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 277?


If you are playing Roblox on your mobile phone, sometimes there can be a network error. To fix it, you can close all the applications on your phone and then switch on airplane mode. This will cut off all the previous network connections, and as soon as you turn them off, they will be retrieved. Try opening up the game and checking after doing this.


Roblox works on updated browsers only, and if you don’t have one, the error code might start flashing up. You need to keep the best version of your browser on going to support such a big and heavy game. Sometimes your security settings for the browser might be too high, and you need to turn some of them off so that the game can stream adequately. If you update your browser and see the code again, you can switch to a different browser and then try.


Roblox was last updated in 2018, and the port setting was changed from 1025-5000 to 49152-65535. You need to update your router ports so that it supports the game. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • It would help if you found your router’s IP, and once you do this by going to network and internet settings, you will see the option to view your network properties. alongside the default gateway, you can spot your IP.
  • Go to the settings page of your router by typing in this IP on your browser.
  • Once you enter the page, type in your credentials and move to the port forwarding section.
  • Fill in the required port information and then enter the IP address.

After doing this, your router ports will be updated, and you can check this by first disconnecting and then connecting again.


Whenever you play a game, its history, data, settings, and other stuff gets stored as files on your computer and can cause the game’s lag in the form of backlogs. It would help if you cleared these for the smooth functioning of your game because you don’t want to hoard one file over another.

  • Press on the windows key and R to launch the run dialog box.
  • You need to type %localappdata%\Roblox\logs and then click on enter.
  • To select all files, click on ctrl+A and then use shift and delete them all.
  • Click on the windows key and R to launch the run dialog box once again.
  • Type %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs\
  • Select all files using ctrl+A and then shift and delete them.

Restart your game to check if this works or not.


Windows 10 is deemed the most compatible operating system for Roblox, but it wasn’t compatible with this OS as it was formed before its launching when this game was made. You can fix this by:


  • Open the taskbar search box and enter the run program.
  • Click on run programs that are there for the previous versions of windows.
  • After clicking next, the troubleshooter will identify the problems with it.’
  • There will be certain conflicting apps that will be identified and displayed, and search for Roblox.
  • Troubleshoot it and have free gameplay.


  • Go to properties of the Roblox app by right-clicking on it.
  • Click on compatibility and run the game.
  • Please select which version of windows you want it to be compatible with and then run.

All these are deemed to be the best and the only fixes for error code 277. If you receive such an error even after so much toiling, you can try changing your internet connection or reinstalling Roblox and then logging in again and trying the game out. 

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