How to Glitch Through Walls in Roblox 2023

how to glitch through walls in roblox

Roblox has become more interesting and exciting with time. It so because now you have the opportunity of arranging your points as per your choice, so that you can pass various levels or buy new things. Also, now you can play 3D games to enhance your gaming experience many folds. Roblox is one of a kind of platform which is popular among players because it is really amazing. In this post we talk about Wall Climbing Glitch through the walls in Roblox. 

The Wall Climbing Glitch is one of the coolest features of Roblox. This enables to scale the walls in the vertical and reach to the places which are otherwise impossible to access. This feature was introduced in the year 2015.

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But there is a catch to it, you can’t climb every wall that ways. The walls need to be made up of different colors, materials or outlines. You need to figure out the walls and then you can do your walking vertically on it. In Roblox you can walk on walls of terrain because there are blocks of the Terrain itself.

How to Glitch Through Walls


If you ever require to glitch the walls, please press up against the wall and hold W. Once you have done it you can keep moving in the direction by pressing the keys of movement in the desired direction. In the following there two ways to glitch through walls:

Speed Hack Method

  • The first thing you need to do to glitch through walls is to open the Cheat Engine and then click on the option of blinking computer in Roblox.
  • Once done with it you can now select the option of “Roblox Player Beta”.
  • A new Window page will open up providing you the various value boxes. In those you can make changes as per your needs and can make control according to your requirements. You can add 60 in the value box and then change value type to 4 Bytes.
  • Once you have done it, now, scan the value and then take all the numbers with 60 in it followed by changing the entire value to 150.
  • Once done with it, just try to walk on the walls; it will definitely enable you to move a lot faster on the walls.

No-Clip Method

  • For glitching through walls in Roblox without using any clips; please open the Cheat engine and then click on the option of the related computer icon available on your home screen.
  • A new Window page will open up providing you with your scan list; here you can change the value type to “Float” and then enter 1000000 in the value box for making the first scan.
  • Now, change all the values of the given numbers between 1000000 to -500.
  • Once you have rightly done with it; just try to walk on the walls; you will definitely be able to walk very fast on the walls.


Glitching through walls is actually a cheat which will keep your enemies guessing – ‘what just happened’ kind of a thing when they see you glitch through walls. Hope you enjoyed the post. It might be difficult initially but if you practice it you can do it easily. Happy gaming.

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