Best Horror & Scary Roblox Games in 2023

Planning to celebrate this year's Halloween at home. Here's the list of best scariest Roblox games to celebrate the Halloween to a greater extent.
Best Scary Roblox Games

Our best scary Roblox games list featuring some of the most terrible horror Roblox games that you can play if you’re daring enough and get a completely different experience from the Roblox. We compiled this list on the basis of story, objective, and gameplay of the various games that are available in the Roblox game catalog.

Halloween is also about to come and this is a unique way to celebrate the holiday season by enjoying these Scariest Roblox games with your friends. Even the COVID pandemic won’t stop because you’re not going outside.

List of Best Scary Roblox Games

  • Dead Silence
  • Light Bulb: Reillumination
  • Piggy Traitor Mode
  • Nightmare Mine
  • The Apartment
  • Before the Dawn
  • Alone in a Dark House
  • The Mirror

Here we’ve summarized each game so you will get an idea of what happens in the games and also you can tell us about any other game that is not listed here so will love to play and mention in this list.

The list doesn’t follow any order so if you’re wondering it’s a top-X list or something but it’s not! this is just a normal list we curated for the best scary Roblox games.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is the #1 scariest game in the Roblox platform it is based on a horror story that you can play with a maximum of 3 players. The games have lots of spooky sounds that make the horrible ambiance and you’ll start feeling scared when you start playing the game.

Dead Silence

This game is adapted from a 2007 Hollywood Horror Supernatural movie where is featuring the two main protagonists names Jamie Ashen and Lisa got a ventriloquist doll as a gift found at their doorstep.

To know what would happen next? then you must try Dead Silence right now.

Light Bulb: Reillumination

This game has some unique elements like form other horror Roblox games. This makes you think from a totally different perspective. The main object in the Light Bulb: Reillumination is you have to escape a maze before you get caught by mobs.

Light Bulb

With pretty much darkness in the games, it makes harder for you to get out of the maze you’ll barely see lighting that’s why it’s title is “Light Bulb: Reillumination” be sure to don’t make even little bit of noise, stay out of the dark and find your way to run out form the maze.

The game is based on the original Light Bulb, the creator made this game for fun and as a tribute to the broken game. This is a worth playing Roblox game as it makes you think with the top-down perspective, you can try out Light Bulb: Reillumination.

Piggy Traitor Mode

What would you see a horrible pig in a scary atmosphere standing in front of you? The same feeling you’ll get in the Piggy Traitor Mode.

Piggy Traitor Mode

The game is interesting and fun if you’re playing after understanding all of its perks. In this game, you’re a survivor along with other players, and you all of the runaway from the Piggy creature which is controlled by another player. This means you’re the survivor who finds the way to get out of Piggy’s area.

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Nightmare Mine

Another horror game we have on the list is Nightmare Mine. The plot of the story based on a fictitious concept. In 1988, the government of ROBLOXia opened the biggest mining facility in the world.

Nightmare Mine

Soon after in 2006 they discovered black, solid objects. It was nothing they had ever seen. In 2010, more and more was being found. They left it all alone until the manager ordered them to forge it and use it for a new possible fuel supply. Instead though, miner’s began to change.

The game is worth trying if your genre is Horror.

The Apartment

Highlighting a huge apartment where you got stuck alone or with your friends and you have to find your way to escape the building before any stranger caught you.

The Apartment

When you move ahead to get out of the apartment you’ll hear some terrible strange sounds, scary scenes and it will let you feel like you’re actually there in the apartment.

You’ll pass through the various floor in order to escape the building, every floor has different strange things that make you scared, so more floors you’ll go through things more horrible.

Before the Dawn: REDUX

The name itself justifying the theme of the game that how scary it is. Before the Dawn: REDUX is similar to the Piggy and likewise games if you love to play them, then you might also play this one as well.

Before the Dawn

In this game, you can do much more than other games listed here. You can have different special abilities and also purchase the tons of gear from the marketplace be sure while purchasing something in the game always try to find the promo codes this will help you to save Robux.

Unlike other games, this one has a low player base, so if you’re planning to play it alone and suppose to jump into the server with random players then you’ll have a hard to find players to play with you. You can ask your friends to play Before the Dawn: REDUX and join the same severe to keep the excitement up.

Alone in a Dark House

Another one with the same things has to be done in order to complete the game. Yeah, Alone in a Dark House also a horror game. However, technically you’re not gonna stuck alone in the house, as there’ll be other players too because it’s a multiplayer game.

The things in this game are not so different from the above ones. In this one, you’re given to a role of an investigator who came to a small town for a brutal vehicle murder case and you’ll find many things there while the investigation, and you may also encounter some strange noises, scenes, and clues.

If this seems convincing to you then you can try this game with 20 other players. But the game creator recommends playing single-player mode for the better experience.

The Mirror

This one is different from the other horror games even though it’s not that scary. The Mirror is based off a real Psychological Phenomenon.

The Mirror

In the Mirror, you’ll stare at yourself for too long in the dark and you’ll get some undesirable effect on the screen. It makes your mind distorted probably you might have seen such illusion things somewhere on social media that trick our mind.

So this is the list for some of the scariest Roblox games that we have played and we also urge you to play them. If you know some other games that are scary as hell, then let us know in the comments we would love to try it. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and create a horror ambiance in the Roblox world. till then stay tuned for Roblox games.

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