Sims 4 CC: How to Install Custom Content in Sims 4

Here's how to find, download and install Sims 4 Cc.
how to install SIms 4 CC

Sims 4 CC could be a little confusing for beginners to install and play around with the skins. Sims has an incredibly active modding community for a very long time, but it gets tricky when it comes to installing skins and making changes if you are not well aware of it. Sims is a type of community where you can become anyone you want and keep customizing yourself.

In the coming years, Sims has gotten updated a lot with the way you can change your whole aesthetic, or the furniture in the house, or activities, or recipes. It can get a little daunting to figure out which mod packs to install or how to go about the CC guide.

Mods and custom content are what Sims is entirely based on. If you are new to the game, you would see the numerous skins and packs, they have which can help you customize and have fun. There is various free content available over the internet for you to download, and make your sim and have fun with your friends. The skins and the mod packs are a treasure waiting to get unfolded.

But now comes the question of what exactly is a CC. Custom content is similar to mod though they take more time to be made. They usually include skin, hair, textures, objects, etc, which can be found over the internet and downloaded. They also include furniture, wall patterns, dresses, gowns, etc. CC developers don’t have to think a lot about the system requirements and are thus free to operate and make new custom content that is different and creative with no foundation, unlike the maxis creators. That is why CC is found in a large variety, unlike mods.

Downloading custom content and mod packs is the easiest thing to do. You have to browse through a legitimate sign and click the big, green download button. It can be done on Windows or Mac alike. Your file will be saved in downloads, and from there, you can relocate it to any folder from where your game can recognize it. It is advisable to relocate it to the “documents” folder from where you have to choose “electronic art” and then “the sims 4”. “Tray” is used for storage whereas “mod” is used for storing everything else the game requires.

Different Types of Custom Content & Ways Install in Sims 4

  • Custom Content

These are stored in the package extension and are used to download objects and dresses. It doesn’t require a hefty process of installation and needs to be stored in an appropriate folder.

  • Lots and Sim

Lots can have any extension ranging from .blueprint, .bpi, or .trayitem file. Sims can be either .hhi, .householidbinary, .sgi, or .trayitem. there isn’t a complex process of installation, and the files need to be just stored in the Tray folder.

  • Script Mods

Script mods could be of the form .ts4script, .pyo, .py and has to be stored in a zipped or archived folder. There isn’t any tough process of installation and can be done easily.

To have an easier and more organized gaming experience, it is advised to arrange your mod folders topic-wise like hair, dresses, furniture, etc. It gets easier to find stuff and saves a lot of time.

There are a lot of places for you to download Sims 4 custom content, and you can browse any of these options. Some of them are:


It is one of the biggest websites to download custom content, and you will get everything here.

  • Thesimsresource

It is also a great site with a plethora of options.


It is more like a blog site that has all the latest content available. 

  • Tumblr

It has a big Sims community that still shares photo edits and video rolls using specific hashtags, and you can take inspiration from here.

  • Twitter

Just like Tumblr, using hashtags and advanced search tools, you can find great content here.

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