Stardew Valley Most Profitable Crops Guide

Start farming and make some handsome money in Stardrew Valley.
stardew valley most profitable crops

Farming is quite an interesting endeavor, but sometimes it becomes a bit challenging. To choose from a multitude of crops to choose from it becomes overwhelming sometimes to choose the best crops of Stardew Valley.

That is so because it requires a varying amount of Gold and each requires a different set of time for it to grow. Not only the factors of Gold and time but also seasonal variations is also a factor to consider. With seasons rotating so do the veggie seeds and saplings rotate for purchasing in Pierre’s shop. 

Now the rule is to find a balance between your income and farming effort to maximize on your profit. Keeping that factor in mind we have worked out this guide to go for the Stardew Valley best crops for each season.

If you are trying to complete the community center bundles then you have to go for an assortment of crops so that you can meet the requirements. That is how these are going to be the most profitable crops and you can make tons of money this way. 

Also, winters is not the right time to plant crops in the winter so you can fix the greenhouse in order to grow crops in winters. This can be accomplished through the community center after completing all the Pantry bundles.

Best Spring Crops

If you are starting the game then you will get to start it with 500 Gold and 15 turnip seeds. Don’t worry you can multiply your profits by leaps and bounds if you do it right. 

So, let us start with Stardew Valley best spring crops. 


The Stardew Valley best spring crop are the strawberries. The seeds can be bought in the from the special vendor in the Egg Festival for a 100 Gold per seed on the 13th of Spring. When you sell the crop, you get a hundred and twenty Gold per unit.

When you plant the seeds on the 14th of Spring and it takes 8 days to grow the crop, we recommend that you buy strawberries seeds with all your money and save the seeds for the next Spring.

When you harvest the crop and you resow the seeds that you have then it takes four days to regrow the crop. That way you can ensure that you maximize the potential of harvesting strawberries.

Other crops good for Spring

Keeping the selling price to cost price of the crops the following crops are also good for this season:

  • Rhubarb – Growth time: 13 days. Sells for 220 Gold, Purchased at the Desert Oasis for 100 Gold.
  • Cauliflower – Growth time: 12 days. Sells for 175 Gold, Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 80 Gold.
  • Potato – Growth time: 6 days. Sells for 80 Gold, Purchased at Pierre’s shop for 50 Gold. 

Best Summer Crops

Stardew Valley best Summer crop are the Blueberries. Let us find more about Blueberries..


You can buy blueberries from Pierre’s shop. It will cost you 80 Gold for each seed. If you see the selling price it is 50 Gold per unit. For each fully matured crop, blueberries produce up to three crops. That being said you can make the sell of 150 Gold per seed purchased.

If you plant the seeds on the first day of the summer then you can regrow up to four times in the season of Summer. It works out to be just a little more than 20 Gold per day in the season throughout. This ratio is the best among all the Summer crops that you can sow.

Other crops good for Summer

The following are some of the other good options for Summer season:

  • Starfruit – Growth time: 13 days. Sells for 750 Gold, Purchased at the Desert Oasis for 400 Gold. Can be made into wine and sold for more.
  • Corn – Growth time: 14 days. Sells for 50 Gold, Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 150 Gold, but can continue to regrow throughout Summer and Fall.
  • Hops – Growth time: 11 days. Sells for 25 Gold, Purchased at Pierre’s shop for 60 Gold. It is worth more if made into pale ale.

Best Fall Crops

When the Fall comes, by far the best Stardew Valley best Fall crop is Cranberries.


For the Fall, cranberries offer you the highest cost to time to sell ratio. The seeds are available for 240 Gold per unit at the Pierre’s Store of the Joja Mart. And the sell is of 75 Gold per crop. There are two crops that can be sold per plant and that multiplies to 150 Gold per seed planted.

On paper you might not be satisfied with the ratio, however, you can grow the seeds into plants in just seven days! You can regrow the seeds after only five days and a maximum of five times in the entire season. If you do the math you will arrive at 19 Gold per day for the Fall, and it is the best ratio among the Fall crops.

Other crops good for Fall

If you like to bring in some variations in your crops then the following are the crops good for Fall:

  • Bok Choy – Growth time: 4 days. Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 50 gold, sells for 80 gold.
  • Pumpkins – Growth time is 13 days. Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 100 gold, sells for 320 gold.


That is all for the best crops in the Stardew Valley in all the seasons. Hope you find the Stardrew Valley Best Crops Guide helpful for your farming. So, go ahead and have a yield for yourself!

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