How to Play Stardew Valley Multiplayer With Friends

Want to play Stardrew Valley with friends? Follow this guide to setup a Co-Op farm in Stardrew Valley.

Generally, the notion is that co-op happens in combat games. However, but in farming too co-op happens. In farming people can get together and share resources such as land seeds, etc. If you are playing Stardew Valley then you should feel great that it is possible to do a Co-op farm in Stardew Valley. It is quite simple to do Stardew Valley co-op farm. In this guide we are going to share with you how to do co-op farm in Stardew Valley.

At the tail end of 2020 co-op was added to Stardew Valley. It was added to both the solo and the online varieties.

The fun part is that with a co-op you can start an entirely new farm from the scratch or share your existing single-player farm into a co-op farm. There is an option of playing split-screen with multiple players on the same console.

So, if you are excited enough then let us begin exploring how to set up a co-op farm.

How to Play Stardew Valley Multiplayer & Set Up a Co-Op Farm

You access Stardew Valley multiplayer by clicking on ‘co-op’ from the title screen menu followed by ‘Host’ followed by ‘Host new farm’ to start a new co-op farm. The game should start within a few moments, however, each of the members would need their own cabin to enter co-op.

After you have done that and once your farm got started then you can send invites from the options menu. Your new farm would be visible to your friends on the title screen of the co-op menu. One thing you can take note of that there is no cross-platform functionality in Stardew valley in the current scape.

The only exception to this is the platforms of Mac and PC. So, the platform needs to be the same for you to be able to play along with your friends. And if you are on a console then the online subscription of the service of the console needs to be with everybody who all are playing together in a co-op.

Another thing you can take note of that if you are the host then the farm’s data is to be saved on your machine and if you (host) are not playing then no one else can play.

If the service and the platform are common then your invitation can be received by your friends and they will see your new farm in the co-op menu on top of the title screen. Also, all platforms except Nintendo Switch can house up to four-player split screens whereas Nintendo Switch itself can house only two players.

Over to you!

The scape as we mentioned is not cross-platform except for Mac and PC. That is a downside story. Hope the developers can get it through the rest of the platforms in the coming years so that players can enjoy this thoroughly enjoyable game unhindered.

Thank you for visiting the post and hope we could get your options clear as to how to do a co-op farm in Stardew Valley. Please keep coming back for more and until then happy gaming.

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