Stardew Valley Strange Capsule Guide

Update 1.5 has a secret event you need to explore.
Stardew Valley: What Is the Strange Capsule for?

Stardew valley is a type of game that allows players to have a pretty varied type of content displayed for them. The challenges and items could be pretty straightforward and publicized, whereas many remain hidden and are a secret in the game. Update 1.5 has gotten many secretive features and challenges for the gamers to unveil and have a fun and engaging gaming process throughout.

The strange capsule event is one such mysterious and unknown event in Stardew valley that will make all the players stop and think about it. If you haven’t unveiled this challenge before in the earlier updates, this is your chance to get your hands on this strange capsule and see what it is and how it works.

How To Get The Strange Capsule Event?

This event was rare in the previous updates, but it is slightly easier to gain access to it in the new one. To get this, you have to continue farming for a year on your farm, and then you can achieve the strange capsule. Earlier, it was restricted to only 1% that you will see this event occurring. But ever since the game got its excited 1.5 updates, this event is likely to be seen more.

This event is completely randomized, and thus you can’t possibly form strategies or work through your game to make it happen. The chances are fairer and better now than before, but it is still an event based on probability. This event takes place once per save file and thus needs to have proceeded with caution. The players will hear noises when they are sleeping, which will be UFO noises, and when they wake up, there will be a weird container in their loose tile at the Stardew valley farm. 

You have to make sure that there is an open tile in your farm to receive this item and then wait for the next day to make the capsule appear on the farm.

Strange Capsule

After receiving the capsule on the hollow tile in your farm, you can choose to leave this capsule in the open or move it with your pick-ax. This capsule will be filled with good and some creatures that will be alive and moving. There might be weird and murky liquid on the surface that keeps reappearing. The capsule will start pulsating, and you will notice an odd creature moving inside of it. Do not fret seeing that, and instead, pick up the tablet and read the description to know more about it. 

“there’s something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid….”

This is an indication for you to trigger your easter eggs, and to do that, you have to leave them on the farm for 3+ days. This will make your strange capsule change to an empty capsule, and this transition will trigger the item attached to the tablet. This empty capsule will now be a separate thing and have its description. You can either let the pill stay there or move it along.

“Part of the glass is shattered…”

This will be written on the empty capsule. Now, after transitioning, you can do whatever you like with the tablets. You can either move them or leave them at the farm. It won’t make a lot of difference. 

Seeing The Alien Creature

Now that you have set the creature inside the capsule free, you might reencounter it at a bus stop or in some town. The chances are improbable and close to 1%, but if you are lucky enough, you might get a glimpse of it. When you are at the bus stop and encounter the dark creature, it will try to move offscreen and towards the left. You might miss this because it happens for a few seconds only, so you need to be quite attentive during evening hours so that you can bet on your chances of encountering it at least once in the game. 

This update is only available on consoles and PCs, so if you do own them, make the best out of this rare sighting. 

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