Where to Find Linus’ Basket in Stardew Valley

Who wanna eat blackberry? despite its not the season of it.
where is linus basket stardew valley

Stardew Valley is a farming game that was launched back in 2016 and has grown and developed a lot since then. This game has got several new versions and updates, making it seem quite promising and engaging as it has always been up to the mark and exceptionally wonderful. There are several new features, life improvements, and other surprises that make Stardew Valley way different and fun compared to other games. This game has got different kinds of farms for you to choose from, and each has its distinct features and skills to play and master.

Types of Farms

There are seven kinds of farms in Stardew Valley which vary because of the different types of crops it can grow and the layout. The seven other variety of farms which you can choose and play from are:


You can choose any of these, and when there are specific challenges that spawn in the game, you have to select the farm where the challenge’s requirements could be met..

Quests in Stardew Valley

There are numerous quests in Stardew Valley which they throw upon the players, and then the players would have to proceed in a certain way to complete these quests. Stardew Valley has the reputation of putting out one of the most challenging quests in any game, making it significantly tough for people to crack without any help. Although all the challenges and quests in Stardew Valley are pretty straightforward to understand, it seems to pose a problem because of the hurdles they keep providing.

Every challenge in this game is based on a backstory, and it becomes exciting to read and know about it as it might help finish the challenge even. One of the most challenging quests in Stardew Valley is the Linus basket, a missing blackberry basket, and you have to hunt it down and find it. The tricky part about this challenge doesn’t come into finding the basket but knowing what this basket is and what it is not.

If you don’t read about Stardew Valley, you might not even know what a Linus basket is, as the game doesn’t indicate. The townspeople in the game don’t seem too eager to talk about this basket, and this makes it one of the ghost challenges because it looks like it doesn’t even exist.

The Backstory

Since every challenge in Stardew Valley has some history and story attached to it, so is the case with the Stardew challenge. Linus, as the name suggests, is a well-known character in Stardew Valley. Even though he isn’t liked by most because of his weird and unusual nature, he did seem to be necessary because of this challenge that he posed. He is quite different from the townspeople as he is highly connected to nature and doesn’t like human interaction. This is why he lives on the outskirts of the town, away from the people and in the middle of nature, because he thinks the townspeople will judge him because of his different way of living.

Since he lives a different life, his way of survival is also different. Linus uses specific tools to survive and live, and one such tool is his basket. To feed himself, he collects blackberries, and he does that with the help of his basket. On the 8th of fall, he, unfortunately, loses his basket somewhere, and this is where the challenge for finding his basket back comes in.

How to Find Linus Basket?

The challenge starts with him notifying the players of his lost basket. He does so by dropping a letter in the post box on the 8th of fall, and he explains how he has lost the basket and wants you to help him retrieve it and survive. Now the challenge occurs because the basket’s location is quite weird, but the steps to reach there aren’t. So that part you need to figure out and go about lightly and precisely.

The location he has pointed out is weird because it will seem like it doesn’t exist, but it does. The steps to reach your destination are:

  1. After you get the mail in your mailbox and accept the challenge, head to the correct exit of your farm and start walking, taking you to the bus station.
  2. There will be a tunnel on the left, and if you enter that, you will hit a dead end, so avoid going left.
  3. Once you reach the end of the road after travelling towards the right, a blueberry basket is sitting on the street, all stained with blackberry juice.
  4. This basket will be lying near the tunnel’s entrance close to some shrubs, and this is the lost Linus basket that you have to retrieve.
  5. Pick up the basket and start returning to Linus, who you will find in the tent above Robin’s house.
  6. Once you walk up to him, he will automatically take the basket from your inventory, and you will receive a warm thank you from him along with a friendship heart with Linus for helping him.

This quest is relatively easy to play and will be rewarding. You can’t play this challenge before the 8th of fall, so it gets unlocked only then or after. You can easily score points and other rewards with this challenge as it doesn’t require many skills to master. If you would not have read about this quest, you’d have to search every nook and corner of the game to find the basket, which would be time-consuming and thus made the challenge more confusing and engaging. 

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