How to Fix Terraria Lost Connection Error

An easy guide to fix Lost Connection issue in Terraria while playing multiplayer.
Terraria Lost Connection Fix

How does it feels like when you’re eagerly waiting for the evening to play Terraria with friends and you’re just one step away from having fun you see an error message Lost Connection in Terraria. :'(

The same I had faced when I was waiting for my friends to come and join the game and suddenly I got a Multiplayer Lost Connection error message on my screen. I was like what hell is happening with me why me? then I Google for the issue and found that other poeple also facing a similar issue but didin’t find any proven solution that could help in resolving this connection lost error in Terrari,

After doing random things with the game and my internet connection (basically wireless router) I was able to fix the problem. So in this guide, I’ll share what exactly I’ve done to resolve this error in Terraria. So just follow this guide till the end you’ll be able to get rid of this headache.

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Terraria Lost Connection Fix

As I told above I spent hours to figure out the cause of the problem and there’re multiple reason behind this error. So here I’ve mentioned few ways to fix this problem.

Make sure the Game isn’t corrupted

The most common way to solve this issue is to check your game file whether they are corrupted or not. Sometimes when your game is being updated in the background through Steam and your internet connection doesn’t seem to work properly, then it may lead to corruption files of games.

Another reason is viruses or ransomware intrude in your computer and blocked the access or change to the extension of the files present in your computer so make sure to have fully secured antivirus installed on your computer.

Incase you found the game is got messed due to virus or corrupted files, you can fix this by verifying the intergrity of your game files.

Open up the steam, go to your games library find the Terraria from the list. Now right click on the game select the Properties >> Local Files tab. There you’ll see a button “Verify Integrity of Game Files” click on it!

The process begins to inspect the files of the game and update all files to the most recent version released by the developers.

Reinstall the Game

If verifying the integrity of the game file didn’t work out for you then you can try reinstalling the complete game. This will remove all conflicts that be might cause the Lost Connection issue in the game.

Reinstalling the game won’t clear your progress in the game as it always stores in the cloud (in steam account) so when you open the game it will get to the same level where you left playing game.

I hope these simple but effective ways solved your error. If you know any other method to solve the Terraria Lost connection issue, do share it with us we’ll mention it in the guide and for more error resolving guides make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @CultofGamer till then stay tuned.

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