Terraria Best Accessories of 2023 You Must Have!

Getting bored playing Terraria? We've some best accessories that let you re-experience the game with some cool & interesting items.
terraria best accessories

If you are wondering which accessory to choose from then you have come to the right place. We have chosen the best Accessories in Terraria in one place so that you can spend less time on exploring various accessories and focus on your game.

There are many accessories that are available in the game. Yo-yos to shells, the list goes on and on. And among them some are not so useful. However, some of the weird sounding are rare ones are somehow most useful and are worth highlighting. This game is an open world survival game and is quite a difficult venture. To have the right combination of accessories is a must. Particularly to survive in the game.

List of Best Terraria Accessories

In this post we list items that can not only provide you with super speed, but also can provide you with better damaging attacks. So, what are you waiting for, let’s dive in…..

#1. Worm Scarf

You need to conquer the Eater of the Worlds, one of the main bosses out of the seven main bosses, then you can obtain the numero uno accessory (as per our study), the Worm Scarf, in the entire Terraria. You need to break down the shadow orbs with either with a hammer or bombs, in the lands of corruption. After you destroy it you will see the boss charging at you and once you terminate the boss you will see it imploding and sparking several items out of it.

And yes, you guessed it right, the Worm Scarf is one of those items. This game-changing accessory is an Expert tier accessory. If you equip your character with this you can get 17% fewer damages from all attacks. And this accessory can make you a winner among your enemies in both solos as well as multi-player environments.

#2. Celestial Shell

This one was added after the 1.3 updates and this accessory can transform the character into a werewolf in the night and a Merfolk in the waters. The shell provides a 10% bonus in damages, 2% additional critical strike chance, and a full 4 points in your defenses.

To add to that the health regeneration becomes more accelerated but only when your character becomes either a werewolf or merfolk.  This accessory is pretty outrageous and you need Celestial Stone and Moon Shell to lay your hands on it.

#3. Fire Gauntlet

This is one accessory that is hotly desired by many. This one helps you in your melee damage. It enhances it manyfold and is quite helpful in dealing with bosses. However, you can cause damage to something you can touch in the game, i.e., physical objects.

So, you can’t deal with mages with it. The good part, however, is that it doesn’t require hard mode to be crafted. Not only that but also you can craft it using only Mechanical Glove and Magma Stone. For Magma stone you can kill some Lava Bats as they drop Magma Stone and for the Mechanical Glove, you can craft it with the Avenger Emblem and Power Glove.

#4. Vortex Booster

This one here is a tier 10 item and is a quality item from the set of Vortex Pillar. When you equip your character with this booster your character can start flying and slow down time your falls if you ever fall. The booster can allow you to move with 300% faster speed when you hover around.

This also doubles your time that you can fly around in the game. To equip yourself with it you need to craft together 10 Luminite Bars with Vortex Fragments.

#5. Paladin’s Shield

It is a defensive unit. The specs for the shield are 25% reduction in damages not just for you but for all the players in your team. If you are planning a multiplayer game then this is a must have. However, if you don’t have multiplayer plans then you can go solo as well with this one, but you will need to combine to with the Warding Prefix and that will give you the Shield’s 10 points for the defenses.

Of course, you can go without the Prefix and that will still give you six points in the game, but it is better to go with the Prefix. If you are looking for equipping yourself with this shield then you need to defeat the Paladin boss and that too in hard mode dungeon. If you also play Paladins make sure to check out the tier list of best characters.

#6. Master Ninja Gear

This gear can help you use the Tiger Climbing Gear, Tabi, and Black Belt at the same time. Not so surprisingly, the requirements for crafting this gear is just these three items themselves, once at the Tinkerer’s workshop. This gear has many features such as stick to or jump from walls, or dash in the middle of the air and have an 11.5% chance to dodge incoming lava, trap attacks, or even spikes. This one is a tier 8 accessory.

#7. Frostspark Boots

This accessory comes at the sixth best spot in our list and it can be crafted with Lightening boot and ice skates. This boot comes molded with the powers of the above two together at one place. Therefore, it offers you with faster running and flight and some extra mobility as well.

If you have equipped yourself with the Frostspark Boots, then your movement will boost 7% and increases a set of your wing’s max height.it is a tier 7 object but you can get it before hard mode. If you are looking for Ice Skates then you can look in Snow Biomes. However, the Lightening boots needs to be crafted. The Lightening Boots take Spectre Boots, Anklet of the Wind, and Aglet for crafting.

#8. Yoyo Bag

This one just made it to this spot, but nevertheless, it is a powerful aid. This bag allows your character to use two yoyos in a single shot and unleash a deadly attack. You can obtain this bag once you have gathered white string, the yoyo gloves and a colored counterweight.

Please take a note of fact that you can acquire it, like most other powerful accessories, in hard mode only. If you wondering its utility then let us tell you it is worth it as some yoyos can cause a damage of 190 such as the likes of Terrarian and the Eye of Cthulhu.

#9. Destroyer Emblem

This piece is an ingredient as well for the Destroyer Emblem. You can choose to have this over the Fire Gauntlet. Those who are not willing to deal with melee attacks only can have it as a better wiser option.

That is so because the Destroyer Emblem is an accessory with much more impact. Just like most other Emblems it also packs a 10% more damage to all sorts of attack. The ability to add 8% critical strike chance is its best ability. If you like you can craft it using the Avenger Emblem and the Eye of the Golem.

#10. Ankh Shield

If you are looking for being unstoppable then this is the accessory to have. It packs loads of features. If you equip yourself with it you can get immunity from knockback and avoid damages from blocks. You can prevent debuffs by using the shield such as slow, confusion, curse and poison, among others.

This makes it a better option than the Paladin’s Shield. As far as crafting it is concerned you can craft it by combining the Ankh Charm and the Obsidian Shield. However, you should be aware that the charm is a difficult one to craft as it requires The Plan, Blindfold, Countercurse Mantra, Armor Bracing, and Medication Bandage. Typically, you can amass them by playing through the regular mode.


With the accessories great in numbers in this game it can become a tough choice to make to choose from them as to what suits you best. Hope we could ease your choosing a bit by enumerating the best among the huge lot. Keep coming back for more. Happy gaming!

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