Valheim HD Texture Pack Mods For Realistic Graphics

Valheim: Check out these HD Mods for a Complete Overhaul in Textures
valheim hd mods texture packs

The popularity of Valheim is running at a high right now. And maybe so, numerous Modders have new Valheim HD Textured Packs released for the game and they can overhaul a number of textures in Valheim successfully. If you are looking for enhancing the Textures in Valheim then you have come to the right place. Please read on to find out…

Valheim HD Textured Packs

The first pack contains 2k textures and it comes from badgerint modder. You will require BepinEx and Custom Textures in order to use it seamlessly.

The following textures:

  • Anything that uses planks, such as wood walls, gates etc.
  • Work bench
  • Wood pile, Wood Chest, Wood Table
  • Forge
  • Wood Furniture
  • Straw Roof (Corner and straight)
  • Pine Tree Log
  • Adze

The second packs comes from Louis modder and can overhaul 20 textures.

The third pack comes from PoisonIvy and can improve 8 of those textures.

What we could make out from these pics is that they feature different textures in these packs. They should be compatible. There may be more textures by the creators as per their plans.

Last but never least, we have an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack released by zkreig. They have improved the quality of numerous vanilla textures with the help of Topaz Gigapixel AI. There are many improved textures featured in this pack.

However, the modder is not planning any new textures to the portfolio of this pack, neither they are going to release any updates or fixes for it. Quite unfortunate, isn’t it? Moreover, there are some issues reported by some users about some of its textures. Have a quick look below:


That is all in this post. Hope we were informative! Thank you for your time and keep coming back for more. Till then enjoy your game!

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