Does Valheim Have Controller Support?

Early Access Valheim supports Controller compatibility but PARTIALLY!
does valheim support controllers?

Valheim has gained immense popularity since its release, the open-world survival game gathered a huge fanbase across the globe and from the different consoles. After all this, a lot of users have a question whether Valheim supports the controller or not? The game is playable with Mouse and Keyboard like these are the universal best ever combo for every gamer.

But some prefer playing with a controller, so if you also want to know does Valheim have controller support? So I would say Yes!, it does have controller support, although the game is labeled as the Partial Controller Support on Steam.

Does Valheim Support Controller?

You can plug-in any modern controller such as PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, or any other, Valheim will detect it and the keys will be pre-mapped for you. You need to remember that it’s not natively compatible with the controller and you might get some issues while accessing the map and doing other things, as Valheim is a crafting game.

While Valehim in its early access phase, so you can’t expect a much smoother gaming experience with the controller as you get with Keyboard and mouse. Some Reddit users facing some issues with controller compatibility especially with the PlayStation DualSense Controller. While some are enjoying the gameplay with Xbox 360 controller, all crafting menus work fine but they have to use the mouse only when they need to drop the items.

However, in the upcoming stable update release, these bugs will get fixed and you’ll be able to play Valheim with Controller support without any bugs and issue.

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