How to Build a Raft in Valheim

A quick on how to build a raft in Valheim.
how to build a raft in Valheim

In Valheim you will generally start on an island. However, for every player the world is slightly different, but in general that is going to be the scenario. The size of the island you begin your journey in Valheim may vary from player to player. But eventually you will run out of land for exploration in the game and you have to set to sail for the seas.

You have come to the right place and in this post, we are going to guide you through how to build a vessel in Valheim. If you are new as a Viking in Valheim you will require a vessel to serve the purpose of going to the high seas and land at interesting places. Even if it is not a fancy one still you will need one.

A Raft is a basic way to go into the seas. Follow this guide on how to build a Raft in Valheim and we are sure you are going to make one for yourself successfully.

Although your Viking is absolutely capable of swimming, but please do not try to swim through the seas as it costs stamina. Swimming is meant for small water bodies and not large lakes and high seas. Don’t worry if you are clueless on how to get a raft for yourself. If you have the right materials you can easily craft one for yourself.

Building a Raft in Valheim

The materials required for building a Raft are in the following:

  • 6 Leather scraps
  • 20 wood
  • 6 Resin
  • Workbench

In the first place, you will require skin of least at six boars for the six leather scraps. You also have to chop down a few beach trees for the 20 wood and for resin, hunt a few Graydwarves. Workbench is required as well, but for that you will require a minimal ten wood. One thing you should bear in your mind is that the placing of the workbench. It will be difficult for you if you didn’t make the workbench closer to a water body. In fact, place it only next to the water body you want to sail through.

It is not too difficult to make a workbench as you will find a white circle that describes its building range. Simply put it on top of the region you want to place your workbench and place it. When you have assembled your workbench then you can equip yourself with the hammer. Next open the crafting menu and find the ‘Misc’ tab and switch over it. You will find the Raft recipe on the far right. Lastly, all you have to do is click on it. That’s it!

Controlling the Raft

If you want to control your raft you need to jump in and press the E to get a hold over the rudder. The A and D keys are going to help you turn the rudder left and right, respectively. As far as the sails are concerned you can unfurl them and roll them back with the W and S keys, respectively. If you want to go faster then you have to unfurl it a little more. It has three settings for that.

The world map can be helpful if you are looking for finding out the direction you are headed at. There is a circular icon under the world map for that on the top right corner. The icon not only tells you about the direction you are headed, but also it tells you the direction of the wind. If you are not moving into the wind you will be moving and if the wind is in the east west then use your rudder to course correct your way.

And yes, the ladder you see in the Raft isn’t functional yet. If you fall into the waters you can’t just climb back into the Raft in any ways. May be the ladder will be put to some good use in future updates but not right now. Please take measures to not fall into the waters at any cost.


If you are a new Viking in the game then hopefully, we could get you the information you were looking for. Stay afloat and happy exploration in Valheim!

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