Where to Find Silver in Valheim

Valheim: A Guide to find the Silver
how to find silver in valheim

If you are looking for silver then out can find it out in some of the biomes in Valheim. However, it is a bit rarer than finding out Copper and Tin. It is native to some biomes just like copper and tin. It is available after procuring an item from some boss out of those out there.

After you get the item from a boss you will know where you can dig for it. In this guide, we are going to tell you how to find Silver in Valheim in this guide.

Silver locations in Valheim

You can wander in the Mountain biome of Valheim while you are equipped with The Wishbone. If you don’t have Wishbone to equip yourself with this unique item then you can defeat Bonemass, the swamp biome boss. After you kill the boss it will drop Wishbone.

For digging Silver you will need the following items:

  • Wishbone
  • Iron pickaxe
  • Frost Resistance Mead or Wolf Armor

The property of Wishbone is to emit noise and sparks when you are close to a treasure. So, while you wander in the snowy mountains in search of treasure be aware of the feedbacks your Wishbone provides you. It is almost like a metal detector which emits noise when close to a metal. This too emits sounds and more frequently when approaching a Silver vein or other treasures.

When you start digging the treasure you have located you may get an iron vein initially. Don’t stop digging as you have to dig a bit deeper to find Silver. You can use the pickaxe to dig for the treasures.

The treasures are generated randomly so, we can’t take you to the precise location of the one containing Silver. However, we can tell you that a Mountain biome with a Moder Summoning altar will have a decent share of the treasure with Silver for sure. You may come across some smaller mountains adjacent to the Black Forest near the starting area, but they might not have the treasure of Silver in them. So, better don’t waste time if you are looking for Silver.

All that you can craft with Silver

The following recipes are included at the forge and Workbench with Silver:

  • Wolf armor
  • Silver shield
  • Lox cape
  • Silver sword
  • Wolf fur cape
  • Silver arrows
  • Draugr fang
  • Drake helmet
  • Frostner
  • Fang spear

You can consider smelting Silver ore into Silver with the help of the smelter. If you want to face off against Moder without using the Frost Resistance Meads from the Cauldron then you can consider crafting Wolf armor chest, legs, and cape and all that provide natural frost resistance. Crafting these would be ideal for challenging the frost resistance.

Silver Sword is a great item to craft with this metal as well. The sword has a spirit attribute with it. The Spirit items are more effective up against the skeletons and a damage-over-time burning effect to these skeletons.


Silver is an important treasure an is rarer to find. If you have not yet dug it out then may be it’s time you look out for it. Hope we could satisfactorily guide you on How to find Silver in Valheim. And hope you enjoyed it! Happy Gaming and thank you for taking time out for this article.

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