How to Make a Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim

Valheim: A Guide to Make a Wolf Fur Cape

Valheim is all about ores and crafting them into various wearables and armors. Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim is one such piece. This cape is somewhat more difficult to craft since the materials required are a little difficult to acquire. In general, the process is that you need to craft something, you find the required ores and materials and then smelt it down. In case of the cape you need a wolf trophy and trophy drops out of wolves that you can find in the Mountain Biome. However, they do not appear always.

This cape could be helpful in the Mountain Biome. The bonus obtained by the cape isn’t much but just 1 and at max 4 with upgrades, this cape, however, provides frost resistance. If you don’t get yourself then with this cape you can just walk freely in snowy mountains.

Okay enough of talking let us get straight to the point about how to make a Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim.

How Craft Wolf Fur Cape

You will need the following three kind of materials in order to craft the cape:

  • 6 Wolf pelts
  • 4 Silver
  • 1 Wolf trophy

You need to kill wolves in the game to obtain to get the pelt and wolf trophy n the Mountain Biome. As already said earlier that the wolf trophy is rather rare, but the pelts drop off quite often. So, in the game you need to keep going on hunting wolves until they drop the wolf trophy if you are really looking forward to this cape.

For silver you need to mine the Silver Ore from the numerous veins of the Silver ore that are available in the Mountain Biome. However, we assume that you have already Wishbone to track the Silver Ore with you because if you haven’t yet killed the Bonemass boss then you do need to kill it to get the Wishbone. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to find the Silver Ore in this Biome.

The final part is to take the new found materials to the nearest Workbench and craft our Wolf Fur Cape.


In the winter season, you do need this Wolf Fur Cape to be protected from frost bite and walk freely in the Mountain Biome. Hope we made things clearer on how to get this cape and hope it helps you. Thank you for taking time out for this post. You can suggest to us what more information you need further and we’d be happy to help. Thank you and happy gaming!

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