Warframe: Guide to Catch Servofish Quickly

A quick guide to quickly catch rare Servofish in Warframe easily.
How To Quickly Catch Rare Servofish

This week the task is to catch rare Servofish. Catching Servofish is one of Nora Night’s challenges for the Nightwave and you definitely want the great loot! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your fishing rods and let’s go fishing. In this post, we will guide you through how to catch Servofish in Warframe. Servofish is nothing but autonomous machines that are found in the pools of liquid on Orb Vallis in Venus.

How to catch Rare Servofish in Warframe?

So, lets grab those rods and let us go fishing!

Servofish in Details

There are their kinds of Servofish that are rare. They all are made by Orokin. They can be spotted easily because just like all other Orokin origins these are also quite fancy looking with golden trims.

  • Tromyzon – found in ponds and it prefers staying in freezing weather.
  • Charamote – found in caves and these prefer warm weather.
  • Synathid – these are also found in caves and prefers warm weather.

Ways to catch Servofish

To lay your hands on rare Servofish you will need a Shockspear in the first place. You can get the Shockspear in Fortuna at The Business. You will require a small amount of Standing for the Shockspear. Although you have a specific bait for all the rare Servofish to increase the chances of their spawning, but you wouldn’t need them in this method.

If you are going for Charamote, make sure the weather is warm for Charamote to spawn properly for you. Of course, you can use bait for it to spawn faster for you. The bait is available at The Business but for that, your rank needs to be of the right order and you would need Solaris Syndicate to buy it. Your rank needs to ‘Doer’.

If you have Luminous Dye you can use it to locate Servofish easily. If you don’t have it then please don’t worry you can buy the blueprint from the Fisher Hai-Luk. You can find him at Cetus. The blueprint will cost you around 500 Standings. However, the Dye isn’t essential but it makes fishing rather easy.

With all the aides with you now comes the actual part. Use your Shockspear and equip yourself with it. Align your cursor with the fish and throw it. You can use the throw button for the second time to catch the fish, but only when the moving bar is in the red zone in the health bar of the fish.

You can catch any fish that spawns and please do not wait for the Servofish to spawn alone. When you catch just any fish which spawns it increases the chances of spawning of the Servofish.

If you have any bait make sure you used it, however, this cave may have a good chance of spawning Charamote Servofish. 

It may happen that having a Smeeta Kavat at you double your catch when the luckis on your side, however, a resource booster will not count for the number required to be on the count for the Task.


It is good to do some research before you actually do your fishing in Warframe and hope we could do the work a little lighter for you. Help us improve with your feedback and happy Servofishing!

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