How & Where To Farm Plastids in Warframe

Warframe: A Guide for Farming Plastids in 2021
warframe farming plastids

If you are looking for farming Plastids in Warframe, a popular online multiplayer game, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to familiarize you with farming Plastids in Warframe in 2021.

If you are new then you might have come across this thing called Plastids. Plastids are nothing but a resource to up your level and also to upgrade your weapons in Warframe. If you have found blueprints and other related parts then you will require Plastids for upgrading.

You should be up to get them as they are quite helpful and for that, you should know how to use them and where to farm plastids and some more things. So, let us dive into the post and found out about it…

Warframe Farming Plastids Guide

You can farm these as well. For that you can check out the survival missions that you can do. There are many such missions available in the game. In the next section we will cover how your location as well plays an important role in getting you more Plastids.

As far as the missions are concerned, you can take the example of the Dark Sector survival missions. These missions offer up to 20% more chances of resources being dropped. These missions have the enemy is known as Infested. Once you find an area where are many such things you can always farm them and they will drop stuff for you. 

warframe farm plastids
Warframe Plastids

That is not the only factor to obtain Plastids. For example, to name another factor for obtaining Plastids is time duration. That means if you farm for longer duration you can obtain more Plastids. You might find it rather less necessary to do so, but if you farm for Plastids then you may receive a higher percentage of chances to see more drops which is quite favorable to you.

There are still other means to gain more Plastids. Such as going for abilities such as Desecrate which can increase the amount of Plastids that you can obtain from dead enemies. Also, loot drops can be enhanced by other abilities such as Khora or Hydroid both of which can increase the chances of more loot for you.

Best Place to Farm Plastids

Now that the ‘how to’ part is clear to let us focus on the locations for Plastids. Similar to other Warframe resources Plastids too are bound by certain events and Planetoids. The best places for finding and farming Plastids are Eris, Saturn, Phobos, Pluto, and Uranus.

If you are not an experienced player and are new to the game then you can focus on Phobos initially. This location bears lesser chances of dropping Plastids but it is comparatively easier than other locations. You can use this area as a practice set before you get to other locations.

Once you have the feel of being ready and you have good hold over controls etc. then you can head to Eris, Pluto, Saturn or Uranus. There you will find Survival missions and as explained earlier you can farm Plastids. These other locations are pretty good to find Plastids as they serve as missions where you get hordes of enemies waves after waves of enemies and you can kill them all until you have collected the amount of resources you require.

The best bet on farming, however, is Piscinas on Saturn. This area was once a PvP area and players used to battle it out for bonuses and all. However, now this area is not meant for PvP anymore, but you can still use this area for collecting additional XP and see higher drop rates for resources.

A little about Control Modules

Along with Plastids you might have encountered Control Modules as well in Warframe. These are found in Europa, Neptune and the Void, and can also be dropped from enemies, not only that, but also these can be found in containers as well. Blueprints is what you get out of these and you should also consider farming these as well. 

What are the easy ways to get more Plastids?

The easy way is to purchase Boosters in the game which essentially increases your chances of drops. And if you have ample Platinum you can go to the in-game store and can purchase Plastids. But you should be saving on Platinum for other purposes such as those which can’t be farmed as easily as Plastids. There are some extractors too which can help you collect Plastids in the background.


So, we are now through with most of the ways to farm Plastids in Warframe. Hope you liked the post and we believe the content was useful to you. If you have any other ways to get some Plastids feel free to share with us. Thank you and Happy gaming!

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