How to Get Arcanes in Warframe 2023

Want to know how to get Arcanes? Follow this Warframe Arcanes Farming Guide!
how to get arcanes warframe

Struggling getting Arcanes in Warframe? but not from now! How? we’ll tell you the best to how to get Arcanes easily and as fast as possible. Arcanes are the special items that allow you to do modifications on your loadouts like weapons, armor, and other items.

You just have to follow this Arcanes farming guide to get the adequate benefits that help you to level up your game, deal more damage to the enemies.

What are Arcanes?

Arcanes offers several benefits and it’s better than using any mods. Arcanes make your player more powerful by adding/upgrading the levels of your weapons, armor, and other loadouts. Arcanes works with the Operator and weapon when it gets activated.

A trigger enables the Arcane in order to work with certain equipment by reaching certain circumstances during a mission.

In shorts, Arcanes use to enchanting/tweaking the weapons, aromors, items, swords and all other items in Warframe that you have in your loadout.

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How to Get Arcanes?

Arcanes Ranking up Manager

Arcanes are classified into different categories that work with a certain set of items in your loadout. And all Arcanes has a probability of getting activated, the more you rank up higher will be the possibility of getting an arcane activated. You can combine the arcane of a similar type to rank them up. For instance,

  • Rank 0 – Required 1 Arcane
  • Rank 1 – Required 3 Arcanes
  • Rank 2 – Required 6 Arcanes
  • Rank 3 – Required 10 Arcanes (You’ll be able to revive once in each mission using an Arcane Revive)
  • Rank 4 – Required 15 Arcanes
  • Rank 5 – Required 21 Arcanes (Last Level)

So this is how you can activate the arcane.

Now let’s see some easy ways to get Arcanes in Warframe by:

Killing or Capturing Eidolon enemies

Arcanes can be obtained by killing or catching the Eidolon Teralysts, Gantulysts, and Hydrolysts. They can either drop the common Arcanes or the Unique one that depends on the specific conditions. If you kill them directly then you may get a common Arcane but capturing the Eidolon have the chance of getting more unique Arcanes.

So always try to capture the Eidolon to get the more uncommon Arcanes.

Complete the Quest

Complete the quests in-game all the way up to The War Within and while optional you should also do Saya’s vigil. This will unlock everything you need to start trying to hunt the glowing monoliths that haunt the plains at night. The Teralyst and his kin drop Arcanes on death and a slightly different drop capture. Capture makes them more likely to drop rare Arcanes and some can only drop from captures.


Buy and or trade for them from/with other people to obtain them. Possibly ask a friend if they have any spare extras they might be willing to share. ALL Arcanes are tradeable. Note that there is an ever-rising credit cost for trading Arcanes on the part of the one receiving them based on the rarity.

Some Other Arcanes

  • To get the Arcane for Zaw slot, you need to purchase from the Hok at Cetus.
  • Arbitrations also drop random Arcanes.
  • To get the Arcane for Kitgun slot, you need to purchase from the Rude Zuud at Fortuna.

Must-Have Arcanes

Here we have also listed some top of the line Arcanes in Warframe that you must consider while playing the game. These ones will give you benefits from different perspectives so if you want to get the Arcanes in Warframe start with the below ones.

  • Arcane Avenger
  • Arcane Grace
  • Arcane Energize
  • Exodia Brave
  • And many more, refer to the best Arcanes Warframe for the complete list.

Arcanes are pretty useful item in the game you ever use, that grant some unique benefits and make things easier and interesting for you. So this is the Arcane Farming Guide, hope it helps you. Make sure to check out other Warframe guides as well for more useful tips and strategies. Till then stay tuned!

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