Warframe: How to Get Ash 2023

If you're wondering where to get the components for the Ash Warframe, then here's short guide will help you.
How to get Ash Warframe

If you want to get Ash Warframes and want to level up your game then this guide helps you to do so. Ash are the one of the components in the Warframe that have several uses

Getting Ash Warframe can be very frustrating and a headache for the new player as it requires a lot of things or I should say concepts before acquiring. This warframe has a few integral parts like ash parts for all this you need to understand the entire ash systems. In this guide, we’ll help you to clear all your doubts about the ash and will also show you how to get it.

Playing as Ash brings lots of advantages, his ability of invisibility can ditch the enemies and move around without getting notices.

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How Get Ash Warframe

So let’s get started using blueprint like all other Warframes in the game, Ash built on the Foundry, It can drop by taking down the Grineer Maniacs.

The Maniacs often spawn in the game at some points either when you’re heading towards for a fight you might get one and you’ll have to kill it then it will drop the Ash, but it’s not easy to find the Maniacs as it seems.

Maniac can be spawn on several missions and possibly they spawn in the squad. So when you’re running on a mission the Lotus will notify you regarding the Maniac is about to arrive. The most efficient way to kill the Grineer Maniacs is to team up with your friends and run on the same mission. Try to rin on the Defection missions for increasing the chances of getting Maniacs. If the maniacs spawn in the squad then you’ll have a great chance to find and kill the maniacs.

Maniacs don’t spawn frequently you will notice some time gap and this gap may vary for each planet. Like Maniacs will spawn at Memphis on Phobos in 10-15 minutes, Caracol on Saturn in 5-10 minutes, and Yusra on Neptune in 4-8 minutes.

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Another thing that you have to keep in mind that, only GRINEER MANIACS will drop the Ash Blueprint and you’ll probably catch them during the Grineer Survival & Excavation Missions. So if you see any other Maniacs like Drerkar then don’t waste your time chasing and fighting them, Drekar Maniacs won’t drop the Ash blueprints, only Grineerd does.

How to Quickly Find Grineer Maniacs

If you don’t want to run the Defection missions until you catch a Grineer Maniac and kill him to get Ash then here’s another way to get Ash Blueprints quickly.

As Yusra has the shortest time game of spawning the Maniacs, you can run the defection mission on Yusra on Neptune the Maniacs will show up and kill them. However, this is not guaranteed that you’ll always get to see the Maniacs repeat the mission on different planets too and get the Ash as much needed.

So this is the complete guide on how to get Ash Blueprints for the Cassis, Neuroptics and Chassis. Once you obtain all these then you can easily farm it. Hope you liked this post and if you want more Warframe Guide then do follow us on Twitter and Instagram @CultofGamer, till then stay tuned.

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