Warframe: How to Get Omega Isotope Easily

Warframe is an online third-person shooter video game.There are various ways to get Omega Isotopes in Warframe.how-to-get-omega-isotope
How to Get Omega Isotope in Warframe

Are you really looking forward to a worthy fight? Then be prepared to take on the Fomorians, the massive, mobile space stations which can pose a threat to the Relays. You need to make a collective offensive to these Fomorians. If you didn’t do it then they will destroy you for sure.

So, get some gears on and be ready to destroy them as and when you see them in your sight.

In this post we are going to tell you how to get Omega Isotope which can help you build the Fomorian Disruptor. This disruptor’s information can be received from the message from the Lotus in a blueprint for the same. 

So, impress the Lotus by finding the isotope and build the disruptor and fight the Fomorians to death.

How to Get Omega Isotope in Warframe

You need to kill enemies on the nearest planet to threaten to find the isotope which is nothing but a waste product of the engines of the huge Fomorian’s engines. You need to locate the Relay that these Fomorians are going to attack and get missions on that planet.

how to get omega isotope

You can lay your hands on these isotopes as long as the Fomorian is present on the relevant planet as drops during alerts, dark sectors, invasions, and syndicate missions.

The number of enemies spawning are linked with the number of people in a mission. More people in a mission the more enemies will spawn. You can say it is directly proportional. So, the point of saying it is that you can farm the isotopes in full swing as they drop from the enemies. It is a cool idea to do so. 

You can do so by doing as many missions as possible. Missions such as defense, survival, interception, excavation, and mobile defense can be done for the same purpose. The fun part is that these missions are endless. So, you can keep doing these missions for as long as you have enough Omega Isotopes and then leave.

How to Use the Omega Isotope?

When you have enough of these isotopes then you can head towards the Foundry in your ship. Look for the Fomorian Disruptor and start building. For one disruptor you need four Omega Isotopes. Also, time consumed would be a minute. When you are ready to fight the Fomorians then go to the Start Chart. Once there then you can click on the Fomorians node. From there you can go to to bust some Fomorians and save your Relays from the Grineer menace. 

Good luck with your Fomorian busting and make sure that you complete one run at the Fomorian. You can simply do that by causing damage of one million to the huge core of the ship. When you do the damage then you can get about two hundred thousand credits and Orokin Catalyst. 

One thing to keep in mind while going for these Fomorian missions is that you would require Archwing. Therefore, keep your Archwings and weapons up to the maximum level so that you can easily damage the core of their ship sooner.


Fighting the Formorians is no easy job. Hope the post was informative and hope you enjoyed reading it. If you are looking for more information in Warframe keep watching this space for more such interesting content.

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