Warframe: Orokin Cells Farming Guide 2023

The Orokin Cells Farming Guide instructs you to where and how to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe to obtain various gears such as weapons.
How to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe

Do you want to farm Orokin cells and construct the new gears, weapons, and other equipment? if yes then this Orokin Cells farming will help you in every aspect of the game from finding the cells to using to obtain your weapons.

But before we proceed further to the ways of farming, you must know about this Warframe component. These are the most essential and rare items charged with vigorous energy used in the game to build the primary weapons and warframes that you can’t get it easily.

Yes, to get the Orokin Cells, you have to beat down the bosses of several planets in the game then there’ll be a chance that the boss drops an Orokin Cells after being defeated.

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So that’s how you’ll get an Orokin Cell, this is how you’ll have to collect them by reaching the other planets and defeats the respective boss.

Where to Get Orokin Cells?

As this is a rare component in the Warframe but you can find them in some of the best places. Here are the three planets that you can Orokin Cells from.

  • Saturn
  • The Derelict
  • Ceres

When you go to the above planets you’ll have to fight with the boss on every planet, undoubtedly there’s the best place to farm Orokin Cells on every planet. So here’re some of the places.

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General Sargas Ruk: In the Tethys mission you’ll be fighting with the Genera Sargas Ruk, he has a higher chance of dropping Orokin Cells after being defeated since it can also drop it as a normal planet resource. Defeating him is quite easy and so as obtaining cells as well.

Grineer: Another location in the Saturn planet where you will face the Grineer who’s equipped with heavy armor. If there’s a few of them then you won’t be having a hard time killing them and easily get some cells.

Defense missions could also be the best way to farm Orokin Cells such as Helene on Saturn and Seimeni on ceres. The best strategy to always comes with a team when you heading for a defense mission.

Orokin Cells Farming Video Guide

Hopefully, you find some great ways to farm the Orokin Cells, although there would be some other ways also exist as well. But the above ones seem easier ways to us and we got stock of the cells to avoid again fighting and defeating the bosses every time when it gets empty.

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