Warframe Parazon Guide 2023

Warframe Parazon Guide enlightens points of this new tool in Warframe. Here's everything you need to know, from where to get & how to use it?
Warframe – Parazon Guide

Parazon is the new tool in rolled in to the Warframe and this tool can do wonder and would be helpful if you know how to use it? So in this Warframe Paraozon Guide we have shared everyhting that you need to know about the Parazon in Warframe, from where you can find it, to how to use it.

Generally, you will see a lot of different things in the game and if you want to get something you’ll have to go to several locations in order to reach it out. But in the case of Parazon, it will be provided to you and you can obtain it automatically.

You’ll get the Parazon for killing your one of the Grineer enemy; the Kuva Lich. Taking down the Lich is the most prominent use of the Parzon as it fires the bow that deals with the huge damage.

Use of Parazon

The Parazon has several mods in the Warframe you have to use them in the correct order in order to successfully defeat the Kuva Lich. Generally, there’re 6 slots available for Parazon mods, 3 slots for normal mods, and other 3 for requiem mods.

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What does Parazon Mods Do?

  • Intruder: 8 Additional Seconds to hacking. – Corrupted bombard, heavy gunner and nullifier.
  • Live Wire: Shock Enemies within 24 meters while hacking. – Jupiter spy (rotation A)
  • Auto Breach: 30% Chance to autohack.
  • Runtime: +50% Sprint Speed after hack.
  • Master Key: Unlock nearby lockers after hacking.
  • Untraceable: Become invisible for 18s after hacking.
  • Failsafe: 50% Chance to retry a failed hack. – Lua spy.
  • Blood for Life: 50% chance to create a Health Orb on Mercy. – Vay Hek terra frame.
  • Blood for Energy: 50% chance to create an Energy Orb on Mercy. – Ambulas.
  • Blood for Ammo: Mercy refills magazine by 100% – Phorid.
  • Hit and Run: On Mercy: +60% Parkour speed for 12 seconds – Hyena squad.
  • Out Of Sight: Blind Enemies with 18 meters on ‘Mercy’ kill. – Lt Lech Kril.

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