Warframe Best Amp Builds 2023

Looking for best amps in Warframe? Check out this guide to build the best amps combination from different components.
Best Warframe Amps

Warframe has been one of the most anticipated games and, ever since it was launched, it has ruled the gaming market. This guide is all about Best Amps you can get in Warframe from various components like Prism, Scaffolds, Braces and More.

So without further ado let’s get started…

Amps Features

  • There is a term called “amps” which are extremely important in this exciting game and it gets unlocked after completing The Second Dream Quest, which provides you with the ability to switch between operator and warframe modes. 
  • After you initiate the Quills syndicate quest, you will receive a Mote Amp which will be the first-ever amp you get in Warframe. There have been a lot of questions about what amps are, and how it works. So, let’s just dive straight into it.

What Actually are Amps in Warframe?

If you want to enhance your combat capability and you are a tenno operator, you can use the amps. They are special modular weapons that you can acquire from the quills and vox Solaris. 

  • The amps can alter the operator’s void beams and are worn on the right forearm as a gauntlet.
  •  It also gives them a separate energy gauge from the operator’s main void energy pool and allows the operators to find their type and efficiency of energy without affecting other capabilities.
  •  You can’t modify an amp but, you can mix it with different arcane and can be useful in combat if grinded intensely. 
  • You have to farm the materials for grinding and then craft the amp. Although they are useful, they aren’t too important in the game, and also, they are significantly weaker than the other weapons.

Purpose of AMPS and how you can use it?

Sentient enemies have damage adaptations built up against them, and to break that, you need to avoid damaged weapons. Amps are the only void damage in the game and, thus to weaken such enemies, amps can be used. Enemies like shadow stalkers, conquests, battalysts are some types of creatures that have an accumulated damage adaption, and the melee weapons in the game become inefficient when it comes to defeating them. You can switch to your operator amp when needed in such situations and then go back to your original weapon.

Amps are mostly used to take down this one, deadly enemy that has created a lot of havoc. It is called the eidolon and these are beasts that are found in the plains of eidolon during the nighttime. The eidolon shard is the most powerful thing in this game and, to acquire that, you need to defeat this massive beast. They have got the special void shields, which again, won’t work with normal attacks and, thus an amp is needed.

You can create an amp only if you have been converted to a tenno operator, and then it is an easy process. The amps have 7 tiers, and each tier has one component within it. The mixing and matching of components are how you can customize your amps and form a new one. There are almost 343 combinations, and you can make any of them.

To buy the amp components from tier 1 to tier 4, you can visit Quill Onkko in Cetus and, for tier 5 to tier 7, you can visit Little duck in Fortuna. The only way to get the higher tier components is by having a higher standing, so you need to spend considerable time with either of these vendors and then try purchasing.

Prism Tier List

The primary fire of your amp is determined by the prism. The attack range, projectile type, and rate of fire are also determined by the tier of prism you acquire. You can level up your prisms and they are the only component with this feature.


  • Long-range
  • Precise aim
  • Semi-auto fire


  • Impact proc on every shot
  • Can pierce through multiple enemies


  • Can release three grenades at a time with a radius of 3.5 meters
  • Can be used as a grenade launcher.


  • High critical damage builds can use this
  • Can turn your amp into an automated rifle.
  • Terrible status chance


  • Three-shot burst.
  • Great accuracy
  • Long-range
  • High critical chance
  • The three rounds can hit the target only with steady hands


  • Wide area of effect
  • Can’t hit far off-targets
  • Terrible critical chance


  • Highest critical chance
  • Can affect areas as wide as 3 meters and up to 13 meters away.
  • Gets close to deal damage

Scaffholds Tier List


  • 0.75 seconds to charge up before releasing a large Void beam that
  • Deals high damage
  • Terrible when dealing with multiple enemies
  • Below average Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier 
  • Releases its blast the moment it reaches full charge


  • The single projectile explodes after a while 
  • An explosion has a wide radius of 8 meters 
  • Deals damage in two stages: 3,000 piercing shot damage, bonus 4,500 explosion damage, and 7500 total damage if you hit both.


  • Fires a continuous beam of Void energy 
  • Great Critical and Status Chance 
  • Has infinite Punch Through on the surface, which is great for nailing targets that like to move in and out of cover
  • Punch Through is terrible against crowds.


  • Fires a projectile that homes in on its target 
  • The Phahd’s glaive bounces between enemies, and you can hit 4 targets at once. 
  • You can hit yourself with your glaive resulting in a self-knockdown.


  • Explosives that detonate on contact 
  • Great Critical and Status Chance
  • Keeps shooting until your Amp runs out of energy
  • High recoil and terrible accuracy 


  • Fires a MIRV-like explosive 
  • The initial blast has a massive radius of 12 meters. 


  • Firing a large, slow-moving ball that explodes on contact 
  • It deals with no Status Effects but 
  • Has a huge radius and cause self-damage

Braces Tier List


  • Adds 40 energy to amp pool
  • Can pair with inner gazed ability to amp up to 196 energy.


  • Reduce recharge delay by a second.
  • Can pair with pencha scaffold


  • 12% amplification to critical and status chance.


  • Adds 20 energy to amp’s energy pool
  • Recharge energy increases to 45/s


  • 100 bonus to the energy pool
  • Delay in recharge by 2 seconds


  • Amps energy pool reduces by 20
  • Reduces recharge delay by 1.5 seconds


  • 20% flat increase to amp’s critical chance

What is the Best AMP Builds you can have

There are a lot of amps that you can build but it can get challenging deciding which is the best one. The gamer community listed two amps that are the best. X23 and X27 are the two amps that one should include in their builds.


  • The prism you choose could be any of your choices and thus it has been assigned an X.
  • Choose shraksun scaffold, which is a tier 2 scaffold because of its exceptional punch abilities, and it can also deal with higher damage per shot.
  • The certus brace of tier 7 is needed to deal with high damage bursts.
  • There is an extra 20% chance of winning with this build, and this is very important to note.
  • The lohrin brace, which is tier 3 also works as a great alternative because of its 12% critical chance and status chance.


  • You have to choose an amp that has decent crowd control and great synergy.
  • You can choose the shwaak prism, which is tier 2, or the shark’s scaffold of tier 2.
  • You can choose these because of their exceptional punch through ability and multiple damage procs.
  • Certus brace is the best for general combat because of the 20% critical chance. You can also opt for a lohrin brace with a 12% critical chance.
  • These go great with virtuous fury arcane and can give you bonus damage.

There are innumerable options for you to choose from, and you can mix and match and create the best possible build.

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