10 Best Warframe Arcanes 2023 MUST-HAVE!

Here are some top of the line Warframe Arcanes that you must consider for Zaw, Operator, Guardiana, & more.
Best warframe Arcanes

Arcanes are one of the most useful components in the Warframe, with some variety of Arcanes you can simply do some tweaking with your weapons, loadout and etc. So here we have listed the best Warframe Arcanes that must-have in the Warframe for enhancing your loadout. So if you want to do special modifications to your items then dive into the list.

Warframe Best Arcanes

From increasing the Armor protection to dealing with the maximum damage to enemies can be possible by using several Arcanes. Arcanes are incredibly powerful enough for tweaking your armor, weapons, and other loadouts.

#10 Arcane Energize

As its name describes, it grants players with 100 additional energy regeneration to you and nearby allies in a 20m radius. This arcane is beneficial for both you and your crewmates.

However you also have the another option that is Exodia Brave.

#9 Arcane Grace

This grants 4% health regeneration per second when you deal damage for 6 seconds on enemies.

The chances of getting Arcane Grace to activate are only 6% but still, you can get the most out of it. I always recommend you to keep this Arcane active as it helps you to restore the health every time when you take damage, that shield doesn’t.

#8 Arcane Avenger

If you want to take critical damage with your weapon then this Arcane is for you. It has a 10% chance to receive the 30% additional critical chance for all attacks for 8 seconds. It makes the weapons that you have more powerful and enables critical hits.

This is the uncommon Arcane that you can obtain from Hydrolysts.

#7 Magus Elevate

This is an Operator specific Arcane enhancement, that grants a chance to regenerate the heath to a Warframe when you transfer back to it. This is the rare Arcane in the Warframe so you must have enough currency to get it.

You can bought this Arcane from The Quills.

#6 Arcane Pistoleer

Arcane Pistoleer used for the Infinite Ammo for the weapons you have. As its name suggests it provides infinite ammo for weapons when you take a Headshot from a Pistol.

If you combine it with another one then you will get another chance to activate this arcane i.e Infinite Ammo.

You can obtain Arcane Pistoleer through Arbitrations.

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#5 Magus Lockdown

Magius Lockdow Arcane

The operator-specific arcane used to drop a Tether Mine that explodes when gets activated and deal the massive damage.

If you play Destiny game too then you must be familiar with this Arcane. Do you? 😉

When the mine explodes the enemy gets stunned so you have got a chance to escape the area easily with the help of Magus Lockdown.

#4 Arcane Guardian

THe must have Arcane for increasing the Armor of your player. Armor is the most crucial loadout you need it helps you to reduce the effect of the attacks from the enemies.

When you hit the enemy you’ll be granted an appropriate probability of getting activate this arcane. Usually, Arcane Guardian actives most of the time as long as you deal damage.

An ideal Arcane for the weaker Warframes like Banshee.

#3 Exodia Brave

Another type of Modular Weapon Arcane in Warframe. This arcane useful and exclusive to Melee Weapons specifically Zaw.

It offers the 5 energy regenerate rate per second when you attack heavily for 4 seconds on an enemy. This arcane triggers when killing the enemy every time so it gets activated automatically when taking down an enemy.

You can use store the energy regeneration up to 3 batches means it can grant up to 15 energy regeneration per second when you perform heavy attacks three times. This can achieve this arcane through the Plague Star operation which you buy from the Hok.

#2 Pax Seeker

This the type of Modular Weapon Arcane in Warframe that Fire the 4 homing projectile that deal significant damage to the enemy and it gets activated when you take a headshot on an enemy. This Arcane increases the damage of the headshot with projectiles.

The combination of Pax Seeker and some critical DMG enchanting warframe such as Harrow can double the power and have that potential to clear the cluster of mobs in just one shot which expands to multiple projectiles.

You can obtain this Arcane by purchasing it from Rude Zuud at Fortuna.

#1 Arcane Consequence

The Arcane Consequesce help in increasing the parkour velocity of your Warframe if you rank up this Arcane you’ll be able to move faster even you can hear the wind blast noises.

This Arcane is helpful for the mission where you have to cover a long distance, through Arcane Consequence you can do this at a fast rate that fasts the enemies not able to catch you.

You can activate this Arcane by taking a headshot on an enemy, that’s way trigger it. Moreover, this Arcane won’t do much except moving you faster.

Arcanes are not merely things that you need in Warframe but your skills also required to have to gain the maximum XPs. If you have no idea about obtaining the Arcanes then refer to our Arcanes Farming Guide to get Arcanes easily.

And it’s always a better choice using the Arcanes according to your playstyle as it brings the many benefits that you couldn’t get from the mods. Hopefully, you’ve got some best Arcanes that you must consider if you’re planning to buy some. If you know about any other Arcane which is useful and have its own many advantages then let us know we’ll be glad to try it out. Till then stay tuned, PEACE!

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