Warframe Fishing Guide: Find Best Spear & Spots

A Definitive Guide to learn 101 of Fishing Activities in Warframe
warframe fishing Beginner guide

Warframe Fishing Guide: If you are looking for some not so combative kind of action then fishing sounds a good idea. All you have to do is spear around for some fishes. After all, you can always take a break from the right and left the killing of goons.

Fishing is an important activity in Warframe. If you want to build new weapons for yourself then the rewards that you earn out of fishing are vital. If you have some free time then it is very much worth it to go for some fishing in Warframe. You can earn Standing in the quickest possible way by fishing. This post is a guide to enjoy your time fishing and find the spears that are best in class and fishing hotspots in Warframe.

For starters you should know that all spears are not fit for all locations in the game. Read on to find the details.

How to go fishing in Warframe

You can lay your hands on your first fishing spear out of an NPC on Cetus called Fisher Hai-Luk. If you don’t have the appropriate credits then you can earn some Standing to purchase the spear.

You can purchase it for only 500 Standing – luckily. With just one bounty quest you can own this spear.

Once you buy this spear you can head for a body of water. But before that don’t forget to equip your character with the spear and head for plains of Eidolon.

Operating the spear is no different than firing your gun in Warframe. Aim through the sights and fire – it is that simple. In most occasions your spear would go right through a fish.

There is a travel time associated with your spear so if you are fishing make sure you fire it slightly ahead of the fish that you are aiming at.

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Your Surroundings are important

The moment you are out with your spear you can observe the surrounding noise dips a lot. That is meant for hearing the fish out in the water. If you wish you can sue your headphones for the sound of the fish. Fish will make the sound of splashing and then some bubbling noise too. You can then shoot your spear (mind the timing) and catch the fish.

But one thing you can keep in your mind that you are still vulnerable to your enemies who are still out there. You can’t shoot them down once you are out with your fishing spear. And the last you can do is shoot with your spear itself. The spear wouldn’t deal much damage to them.

Hotspots for fishing

Baits are quite handy when you are fishing for some rare species. Baits are useful only in Hotspots in the water. You can identify hotspots in the water by fading in and out circular white patterns on the surface of the water when in the Plains of Eidolon. And similar hotspots can be found at glowing greenish lights at Orb Vallis.

Whenever near a hotspot you can throw a bait at it. The rare cath depends upon the type of bait that you throw in the water. Please mind the fact the effect of the bait lasts no more than 3 minutes. And within those 3 minutes your catch is most likely to spawn. So, be attentive during that time.

If your hotspot disappeared then the hances are that all the fishes have been caught in that hotspot or the fish ran away or the 3 minutes just got expired. You should mind the fact that hotspots are shared if you are playing in a squad.

More on Baits

In Plains of Eidolon and in Orb Vallis you have different types of bait. Please note that the there is no stacking of the effects of bait. So, you can’t really throw different kinds of bait on the same hotspot. Also, time of the day in Plains of Eidolon and weather cycles in Orb Vallis are to be careful about. Please do not waste you’re your bait of the daytime fish on a fish of the night time!

Another point is that you must either craft your baits or you can buy crafted baits from Fisher Hai-Luk on Cetus. You can also buy the baits from business on Fortuna.

The Plains of Eidolon

Best Spots for Fishing in Warframe

You can find seven different types of fish in the waters of the Plains of Eidolon. There three broad categories of size fish – small, medium and large. Rewards are also like the size of the fish – small, medium and large. Larger the fish bigger the reward.

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A non-fish…and a non-baited one

Yes, you got that right – a non-baited non-fish!

It is nothing but a Boot!

If you couldn’t catch a fish then chances are you catch this boot which has a very little use. The only way you can utilize it is by selling it for 400 credits.


You wouldn’t find any Tuna in Fortuna. The reason being lack of water bodies in Venus. Actually there isn’t any fish at all! But there is Servofish that you can find in the water bodies of the Orb Vallis.

You can go fishing with a Shockprod to catch Servofish. That is the best way to do it. Because regular fishing rods harm the Servofish catch and the trade-in is reduced.

The orb Vallis has warm-cold cycles instead of day and night cycles.

Cold cycles are slightly bigger than warm cycles.

In the Orb Vallis you can differentiate between the size of the fishes by – Basic, Adorned and Magnificent. Magnificent provides you the largest reward.

Here you earn Scraps for your catch of Servofish.

There are some Servofish which can be caught by throwing baits, but the rewards out of normal Servofish are good enough.

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Spears of Fortuna

The Shockprod can be purchased from Business of Fortuna. It would cost you 500 Standing. Later in the game, for 5000 Standing, you can purchase Stunna. The Stunna stuns the nearby Servofish of the Servofish which it actually hits. It is great for catching a bunch of Servofish in one go.


You can use Luminous Dye and Pharoma. It is better to use them rather than saving them as they have barely any other use. Using the Dye will illuminate nearby fish and you can catch it easily. Otherwise it can be a bit tedious to locate a fish and catch it.

On the other hand, Pheroma sedates the fish so that it can’t swim away easily. This will also help you in making a good catch of fish.

You can also use Resource Boosters and Resource Drop Chance Boosters. Hope we could give you a good idea of how to do fishing using baits in Hotspots and the best fishing spears in the game.

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