Watch Dogs: Legion: How to Unlock Spider Bot Arena

A Guide on how to Unlock Spider Bot Arena in Watch Dogs: Legion
how to unlock spider bot arena in watch dogs: legion

If you are playing Watch Dogs: legion then you might have come across the Spider Bot Arena in Watch Dogs Legion. If you are what is it then let us acquaint you with it. It is a game mode where you compete with other players using spider bots. However, if you want to want to unlock Spider Bot Arena it then you have to take some steps in order to do so. In this guide we are going to tell you what are those steps and how to unlock Spider Bots Arena in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Spider Bots Arena in Watch Dogs: Legion

In Watch Dogs: Legion, spider bot arena is a Player Vs Player or PvP mode. It actually a fight between spider bots where on one side it has got your bots and the rest are opponents. As the name suggests it is an arena where your bot fights for you.

In this mode you got to kill as many opponents as you can to stay at top. And the good part is your ammo is unlimited and your bot will spawn again if it is terminated. You must be wondering how exciting it is going to be and believe us it actually is pretty interesting!

So, let us have a look on how to unlock it. This mode is unavailable until you are through with the first online mission. The first online mission you must be aware of is the “New Resistance”.

The steps for unlocking the super exciting spider bot arena are in the following:

  • Recruit an NPC
  • Hack the First target
  • Hack the second one as well
  • Have a talk with Connie

Recruiting an NPC

When you enter the London Free Roam Mode you actually get to start the New Resistance mission. Once you have started it you should recruit an NPC from your surroundings. You don’t have too many influence points to start with, just eight of them to be specific. So, it might be easy for you to recruit some low-level NPC to begin with. A bus driver could be the NPC who fulfills the criteria.

Hack off the first target

There is a target that you need to hack in the London Necropolis. To hack it you will need to approach it from the opposite side of the building to where your target lies.

There you will see an inaccessible gate which is quite huge. You will also see an open doorway to walk through and there will be some cars surrounding it. You can hide in any of those cars and activate your spider bot. The rest of the things will be taken care of by your bot.

Hack the second target as well

There is a second target in the ascent which you need to hack as well. It will be difficult to find it, though if you are alert and vigilant then you can easily find it eventually. The best way to find it out is to go through the ascent to the lower levels of the building. You can hide in a spot which is not easily visible and there you can activate your spider bot once again and the rest will be done by the bot.

Next part, Talk to Connie

Then when you have successfully hacked your targets, you need to find Connie. You can possibly find her in some pub in London.

You can approach her and she will have a word with you. When your conversation is over with her you will be able to activate the Spider Bot Arena on the map. 

Video Guide on Unlocking Spider Bot Arena


Spider bot arena is exciting! If you are able to successfully able to unlock it then the fun is yours. Hope we are able to help unlock the arena. Thank you for visiting our post and keep coming back for more. We will update our articles to bring you exciting new topics. Till then have fun!

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