Best BFA PvP Classes in WoW Classic 2023

The ultimate guide for some top of the line and best BFA PvP Classes in World of Warcraft Classic.
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Looking to build the dominant and powerful team in WoW Classic before entering the match. Here are some of the best BFA PvP Classes that you can look for and build the strongest team.

Battle cries are something we are all familiar with. When iron clashes with iron and opponents are to be defeated in a do or die fight. When the victory is the only option or it is nowhere to go kind of a thing. When it is a matter of survival or maybe rule.

Battle for Azeroth or BFA has got the PvP mode back in the scene. It has got some new ways to enjoy it now. Victory is not far away guys!

WoW Classic Best BFA PvP Class

When you are thrown open to so many choices there might be some difficulty in choosing the right classes for yourself. This post is meant for easing your way into the game and offer you to choose from the top 10 best BFA PvP classes in WoW Classic and to be at the top of the world again.

But before you enter in the game with these players me sure to check top 10 best WoW Classic addons that will help you with many purpose in your match to stay at top of the other teams.

So, let us not wait any further and dive right into the list …

#10. Havoc Demon Hunter (HDH)

If you look at the Demon Hunters, their ferociousness has never been less particularly since their release from their Vaults right from the Legion. And in BFA they continue with their terrorizing spell and wreaking mayhem in the warzone well enough.

Havoc Demon Hunter

They have strong crowd control and a pretty cool mix of interrupts and stuns. You only add your statement of detainment in the PvP fights with increased duration and no healing.

Metamorphosis for HDH is one of the strongest in the game and it helps you in punishing any offensive against you in PvP.

Players who are caught unaware by the HDH can be wiped off the face of the battle grounds by getting stunned by the HDH in a matter of a few blows.

Greatness of HDH declassified

  • Many stuns and interrupts
  • Heavy-hitting damage
  • Mana rift PvP talent can punish enemy healers
  • Great mobility with double jumps and glides
  • Strong self-healing and defensive

#9. Arms Warrior (AWs)

AWs are swinging around in PvE but in PvP they are placed right at the top ten spot. We will find out in a moment why.

Arms Warrior

The Aws are quite not that great in hefty crowd control, but they make up quite well in magnanimous damage.

Mortal Strike is the one to choose when it comes to carry on through all the PvP scenarios. It is strong enough for the purpose.

AWs are better in ripping off the opponents instead of only stunning them.

Greatness of AWs declassified

  • High burst damage
  • Great mobility
  • Easy to swap targets (we know the yells of hitting healers!)
  • Strong Single Target Damage

#8. Destruction Warlock (DWs)

It has git some nice CC and the fact is that their survivability is second to none with their Demon Armour. That is the reason why DWs are quite popular in the PvP world.

Destruction Warlock (DWs)

Warlocks particularly the Destruction are having the capability of criticallly hitting single target damage. The Chaosbolt seems to be a single word, but this is a combination of two aspects of unleashing chaos in a single bolt of shot.

We recommend start with GG or Well Played.

Greatness of Warlocks (DWs) declassified

  • Great crowd control
  • Numerous interrupts
  • Hefty damage
  • Good total party mobility

#7. Discipline Priest

It is one of the most unique Healer in the entire WoW Classic. You need a Priest class in your team in PvP. If we focus on the top PvP Healer – Discilpline we will find that the Discipline is the most popular choice in PvP and it all boils down to survivability.

Discipline Priest

They are the masters of the Shield and can withstand melee strikes way better than the Holy line of Priests.

They double up as stand-alone healer and heal through damage too. They are true pain for your opponents.

Greatness of Discipline Priest declassified

  • Great defensives
  • Strong single target healing
  • Removing most debuffs
  • Dispel/Mass Dispel

#6. Assassination Rogue

The nightmare of the Rogues in Vanilla seems to continue in Classic and BFA as well.

Assassination seems to be the spotlight when you have to create a dream team in both Arena and Battlegrounds alike.

Assassination Rogue

They cause a massive setbacks for other teams with their ticking poisons, interrupts, and unending stuns such as blind.

They decimate your opponents before they can even notice them.

Greatness of Assassination Rogue declassified

  • Great mobility
  • Strong burst damage
  • Self-healing
  • Great battlefield control

#5. Windwalker Monk

This one is another melee which is dominating in type. The fists of fury which they unleash is unsurpassed.

Windwalker Monk

In a team fight, they can be a difficult opponent to beat in single target damage. They creat one heck of a pressure to the opponents.

In a well played game the Monks can melt opponents and Chi-torpedo on the next one! They are a must haves in the team because of their Rising Sun Kick reducing healing and hitting damn hard as well.

Greatness of Windwalker Monk declassified

  • Great utility
  • Decent self-healing
  • Heavy single target burst damage
  • Great mobility

#4. Fire Mage

In the three Mage Specs, Fire Mage makes even the DPS numbers burn. It is both good at PvE and PvP modes.

Fire Mage

Greater Pyrobalst unleashes unspeakable chaos. If your opponents find them at their backs and uninterrupted, they will be reduced to cinders and salt. However, it has got a slow cast time.

The dynamicity of the Mages is truly proven when coupled with a Rogue. The combination of stunning and polymorphs are powerful enough to reduce enemy to nothing. They can quickly achieve it.

Greatness of Fire Mage declassified

  • Strong consistent damage
  • Great battlefield control
  • Decent mobility
  • Heavy-hitting abilities

#3. Restoration Druid

It is a Hybrid Class and it has got Hybrid capabilities. It is the top of the list healer when it comes to the PvP scenario.

Restoration Druid

You can call them jack-of-all-trades and the master-of-all as well. It can do everything of everything. All of it.

The HoTs of Renew and Rejuvenation are all the way up to power level of 9000 along side Swiftmend procs. In Lifebloom we find a life saver, and when it is unleashed then the target gets a good chunk of health. It is sure deterrent to the Disc Priests and they dispel everything.

The defensives are impressive as well. Defensives such as Ironbark are formidable. If you look at crowd control, such as Cyclone, here as well these strike fair enough (if not the best).

Greatness of Restoration Druid declassified

  • Incredibly difficult to kill
  • Great battlefield control
  • Versatile healing
  • Decent mobility

#2. Unholy Death Knight (UDK)

It is one of the most difficult class to master. But once you master it you can take down entire teams with the AoE capabilities. It is always interesting to wipe out a whole party in a go!

Unholy Death Knight (UDK)

The Pets are the real damage causing agents. UDK has unequaled melee playstyle and the rewards are huge.

Crowd control is great with Chains of Ice and it has the capacity to make the strafing hunter useless.

Necromancer’s Bargain is awesome as well. Particularly in Arena, as it will disable healing of your opponents and continue to roast them.

Greatness of Unholy Death Knight declassified

  • Huge AoE damage
  • Multiple defensive cooldowns
  • Great battlefield control
  • Strong burst damage

#1. Holy Paladin

Holy Paladins are such that you will be forced to curse around if it ends up in your opponent’s team.

These are t top spot because they are just too good. To name a few, it has countless healing cooldowns. It is the best healer in the game. Not only that, but also these can dominate the Arena and BG teams as well.

Holy Paladin

They are the only ones who can deal heavy damage and can heal as well. They utilize heavy damage through Holy Shock with Infusion of Light procs. Another one is Aura Mastery. It is great to make the most of their Aura and also its own cooldown.

The Shield is awesome as well. The Divine Shield Bubble. The enemies are helpless in front of it.

Greatness of Holy Paladin declassified

  • Fantastic burst healing
  • Multiple defensive abilities: self and party
  • Large amounts of healing cooldowns
  • Strong single target healing
  • Party buffs


Those were the top 10 best specs for PvP in BFA. Now you can construct your own team with these and be victorious in WoW Classic. Hope you enjoyed this epic list and if you would like to read more interesting WoW guides and best classes list then make sure to follow us on Instagram & Twitter @CultofGamer for early updates.

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