10 Best WoW Classic Addons List For 2023

The top-rated Addons for WoW Classic, find out what value add-ons add to the game?
best addons for classic wow

Are you searching for the best addons for WoW classic? Want to add some tweaks to the game? YES? then you’re in the absolute right place. Here we have listed some top-ranked Classic World of Warcraft Addons that you must consider for experiencing the completely new world in the game.

It’s been more than a decade since the WoW Classic released? in the olds days, there were no such things exist as addons for WOW.

Over the years the game started attracting players around the world and got a huge fan base. Among some fans and players with programming knowledge come up with something different that makes things pretty interesting, fun, and helpful in the game. That’s what we call addons. If you’re also a Classic Wow player make sure to check out the best addons for WoW Shadowlands as well.

If you also play Terraria then you might have heard about or tried some texture packs which change the looks and feel of the game content. Just like this, the WoW Classic Addons work in the same way! Some of them make the UI of the game more clear customize with the new fonts and graphics.

Furthermore, the data is required to develop the more useful addons and probably there’ll be some addons that tell the Realm population of servers or addons that provides the player with useful metrics like playing time, level and etc.

You can imagine how popular the World of Warcraft is, that’s why enthusiastic players and fans keep contributing to the community to brigs the new features and improving the game. For you, we brought the best Classic Wow Addons so that you can try a whole new experience in the same game.

Best Ranked WoW Classic Addons

So here are our top 10 picks for the Classic WoW addons you and it’s not necessary that you may also have the same choices of the addons. This is list is just a reference for some best ones.

#10 Deadly Boss Mods

This is one of the useful addons if you like to raid the dungeons in Classis WOW. This gives you insightful knowledge about all the bosses of every dungeon. This addon provides you the hint, so if you’re entering that dungeon for the first time then you can easily get the details about what you have to do in the dungeon where is the location of the boss, loots, chests, and more. The timer also appears for the boss attacks arrival.

#9 Exorsus Raid Tools

AS it name suggests it is something useful for raiding. It keeps the records of every single event occuring in the raid. Exorsus Raid Tools helpful for if you want to know combat logs for every encounter.

There are more several option that you can use to most out of it like combat timer, and other options.

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#8 Details

Details is also another essential Classic WoW addon used to display the all information regarding your performance. It keep tracking the perofrmace when either when you’re fighting with ither player or raiding the dungeons.

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It shows you the number which you can use to determine who has done this like damage, healing, interrupts and etc. This is the must-have addon for WoW Classic if you want to improve your overall performance in the game.

#7 Leatrix Plus

A handy addon that helps you to do the various task easily in the game like automating the quests, gossip customize you mini-map, and much more. You just one step away from doing so many things in the game and also increase the speed of looting and other things you do in the game. Why do you waiting for? try the Leatrix Plus addon.

#6 Auctionator Classic

Want to list your Gold for the auction but don’t want to wait until it gets sold? This addon helps you make this thing quite easier. It suggests you listing prices and automatically list the items in the auction for other players to buy. If you love trading then this addon is specially for players like you.

#5 Questie

While running certain mission you might have unable to complete the quests or you may forget to do so, but Questie help you to remind it. This addon keeps tracks the every quests on any mission that you’re runnign.

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Once you use this addon you’ll see the marked points on your map where all the quests are located that you need to complete. Finding quests during mission completing was never been easy unless you take the help this addon to save your time.

#4 Spy Classic

It’s better to know the enemies’ move before it’s too late, hence Spy Classis is one of the best addons that players of WoW Classic love the most. It helps you to warn you when an enemy nearby you. It is useful in open-world PvP matches.

#3 OmniCC

This is the simple but useful must have addon for Classic WoW. This addon adds the simple timer for that cooldown abilities. OmniCC tells you know precisely when they’re going to come back up, so you know when you can use them again, or line up major abilities with cooldowns as necessary.

#2 WeakAuras

Robust interface addon that allows the player to create auras to track different aspects of the game. There’s a dedicated website for this addon that has information about this addon, so you can see what auras have already been made and shared by others.

#1 Atlas Loot

Most of the time we analyze that the player often searches about that which boss drops what items? But you no need to go around and google it every time for the items that you’re expecting to drop by the boss. Atlas Loot also allows you to check the various crafting item recipes.

How to Install Addons?

Installig addons in WoW Classic is fairly simple process al you need is to fitrst choose the adodns that you want to install, then download sleected addon from the various respositories.

Extract the addon zip file in your Classic WoW folder C:\World of Warcraft_classic_\Interface\AddOns

Open up the game and you shouldd see the new “AddOns” button appear above the Menu button.

You’ll find the list of addons that you have currently installed in the game.

Hopefully you’ve got some best Addons list for Classis WoW if you know any other addon that need to be added in this list then let us know we’ll happy to try it out and feature in this list. For more WoW Guides follow @CultofGamer on Instagram and Twitter to get daily gaming content in your feed.

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