How To Get To Desolace in WoW Classic

With the arrival of World of Warcraft classic, Desolace has been that one game where you have to search and find hidden gems.
how to get to desolace

WoW also known as World of Warcraft is loved by one and all, it is simple yet complicated which makes it difficult to play. Don鈥檛 worry! We got you covered with this guide to help you understand this game.

The new installment of the WoW games has come. With the arrival of World of Warcraft classic, Desolace has been that one game where you have to search and find hidden gems. Finding the right way from the Old Kalimdor mountains has been difficult with the use of Old Classic maps. We are here to help you in finding your way back from these hard-to-escape scenarios.聽

In this article, we are going to update you about the various character developments, routes, hidden gems, and other important details and information about the same. We are positive that this article saves you some time and helps you in going about the game without worrying about various rules, from beginners to experts. Everyone is welcome to read about these articles.聽

How To Get To Desolace in World of Warcraft Classic 鈥 Desolace Locations

Desolace is a piece of land that is present on the westernmost coast of Kalimdor. The region is mostly covered by barren lands and wastelands, where you can find the tribes of centaurs and whose main occupation is loot. This land is known to hold many settlements leading from Horde to many alliance races. It contains almost 30-40 levels where no other faction holds, hence it makes a perfect spot for breeding among PvP. You might find a lot of things to do with this land and a few of these things include-

  • You can visit the holy cavern of Maraudon
  • Visit the Thunder Axe Fortress.聽

To do all of these things you need to know how to get there.聽

One of the many things that were added to the World of Warcraft is Blizzard with boats that can sail out from a wind of storm and help the players by getting around with the storm. All of this happens in Cataclysm. In the upcoming games that are the Burning crusade Classic and Vanilla Classic, there won鈥檛 be any access to these routes among the players. So traveling among these paths might get difficult. Read on to get your hands on certain tips and tricks that can help you understand more.聽

How to Get to Desolace Alliance

  • Night Elves: The character of Night Elves depends on how much further you have reached in WoW. According to this, you will be somewhere around Asheville or Stonetalon Mountains when you decide to get into the solace. To do this you need to follow the path to the south of the charred veil that is a southwestern part of the stone talon. You can find the Desolace exactly at the southernmost part of the Charred Vale.聽
  • Gnomes and Dwarves: You need to head and r for Ironforge. Take the path that follows the Ironforge and move east followed by north to the Wetlands. Continue moving towards the western edge of the Wetlands, to find the Menethil Harbour. Once you reach Menethil Harbor move towards the north with two boats to the Auberdine in the Darkshore. After this, you need to follow the same route as that of Night Elves to the south of Stonetalon.

Once you reach the Stonetalon you need to head towards the Dwarven District. Take the tram that is available from the Deeprun to the Ironforge. After this follow the Gnomes and the directions of the Dwarven.聽

How to Get Desolace Horde

All the characters of the horde require the same path that needs to be followed. These will require the players to be taken from the Undercity Zeppelin to Orgrimmar. You need to follow the south road and move towards the west to the Barren wastelands. When you move towards the north from this area you will notice the Stonetalon Mountains.

Note: You need to then follow the Southwest route of this to reach the Charred Vale. Take the road which leads up to the path of the Charred Vale and ends in the Desolace. You have to walk through these paths and make sure you match your WoW characters with the class of PvP.聽

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