How To Get To Nazjatar In World Of Warcraft

Guide to reach Nazjatar in WoW.
How To Get To Nazjatar In World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the most capped games of our lifetime. With amazing and interesting maps and weapons you get to avail yourself in this game, it is so promising that you will keep coming back for more. The map on which the gamers operate is called the Kul Tiras map, and with the latest update of version 8.2, the World of Warcraft added two new areas to this map which gives more field area to explore. These are called the mechagon and Nazjatar and are located at the edge of Kul Tiras.

The champions of the alliance and horde sometimes lose their way when they try to make it to Nazjatar, although it’s pretty straightforward if once understood. All they need to know is that Nazjatar will open up automatically when you play in the battle of Azeroth, but there will be certain specifications that the players have to meet. To reach this intriguing place, there are certain quests you need to complete and follow a whole roadmap so that your journey to Nazjatar is not too complicated, and you can focus on other things in this game once you reach Nazjatar.

How To Reach Nazjatar?

When you get the latest patch, you will notice that a banshee’s wail is added to its questline. If you are playing as a horde, you can find this quest at the port of the calendar, and if you are playing as an alliance, you can find the quest next to bolus. The quest of the alliance will be called “the wolf’s offensive” and of horde “the warchief’s order”. Once you begin and complete these quests, you will be taken straight to Nazjatar. After reaching Nazjatar, there will be another intro quest which is needed to be completed to unlock the passage from this world to your affiliation’s hub world. This will be a fast way for your character to move from one place to another.

If you are an alliance player, your portal will be opened between mezzamere and boralus. If you are a horde player, your portal will be between newhome and calendar. This will be your means of travel as it will allow you to easily pass from one world to the world of Nazjatar and get back whenever you want.

If you want to do all this, you need to attain a level 50 in the game and be friendly and have connections with the game’s factions. If you are playing as an alliance, your friends are in the faction storm’s wake, order of the embers, and proudmoore admirability. Make sure that you have a stronghold with them. As for horde, talanji’s expedition, voldunai, and the zandalari empire are where you need to make friends.

To create a friendly reputation with these factions, you need to remain calm and tread this path slowly. You can send your bodyguards to their battles and perform side quests or world quests to gain their trust.

How To Return To Nazjatar

If somehow you managed to return from Nazjatar without opening up the portal by performing the intro quest, and then you want to go back to Nazjatar, there will be a portal that is going to be restricted. In such a situation where you can’t use the portal and desperately want to reach Nazjatar, there is another way.

 Reach Nazjatar

You have to open the map, and you will see a location marked with a large gold arrow. This is where you have to head next. If you are from the alliance, you will use the boralus map, and if you are from the horde, you will use the Dazar’alor map. With the locations marked on either of these maps, you will reach Nazjatar in no time if you follow it precisely. 

Reaching Nazjatar is a pretty easy task, and with the way battle of Azeroth shaped for a lot of gamers and allowed them to have access to it before, most of them would have reached level 50 in no time. You can easily play World of Warcraft in these two new locations and have a lot of fun. 

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