WoW: Shadowlands – Slime Serpent Mount Guide

Unleash the secret power of the Slime Serpent Mount and dominate your opponents in WoW Shadowlands.
How To Get The Slime Serpent Mount

World of Warcraft is one such game widely played by the gamer community because of the various new features they keep introducing or the unique collectables that the game has for its players. One of the most common items that gamers use in the World of Warcraft is the mounds that help them move around Azeroth and shadowlands. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is this new update that has got a lot of exciting and promising content within it, which has motivated the players to keep exploring and finding new stuff around.

Shadowlands has many opportunities and collectables for the players to discover and then use and come on the top of the table. Numerous challenges have kept the gamers entertained and made them come back for more. One of the challenges, which is relatively more challenging than the rest, is finding the slime serpent mount. This has kept the community in confusion. They cannot locate it and complete the whole challenge to finally collect the slime serpent mount, which will be extremely useful for them in the game and other difficulties.

What is a slime serpent mount?

This is a gigantic creature that has an awful aura attached to him. His mouth is full of teeth, which appears scary, and this creature is a bit snakelike. To find this unusual mount, the players have to go to the plague falls, one of the maldraxxus dungeons, and the challenge remains relatively simple.

All the players have to do is set their difficulty level of the game to mythic or heroic and then defeat the final two bosses of plague fall dungeons alone. Although this challenge seems relatively straightforward, some players were a task because of the unfavourable outcomes certain classes and builds provide. Also, once you defeat the bosses, there will be a hidden quest that is a lesser-known fact and might surprise the players.

How to unlock the secret Slime Serpent mount?

Slime serpent mount which has been located in the plague fall was first founded by Durendill who is a hunter specifically known for soloing things. World of Warcraft has a lot of challenges which can’t be completed in a solo session but this youtuber has managed to do it all by himself. He was trying to get footage for his soloing video of plaguefall and he accidently came across the slime serpent which was later on confirmed by the secret finders and the steps which durendill followed was further replicated by the players and even they came across this.

How to get the slime serpent mount in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

If you want to obtain the mount, you will have to defeat the final two bosses, which will be a relatively challenging job considering you are playing on a solo mode. The two bosses are:


The best part about this game and this particular challenge is that you can easily skip fighting the bosses and straight-up move forward by just defeating the trash pull that comes along with them. This is where the classes and builds come into play.

If you are someone with an invisibility class, you can easily escape Globgrog and Doctor us because of your hunter, mage, and rogue abilities. If you belong to some other type, you can always use the invisibility potion to allow you to have the same skills for around 18 seconds which is enough to have a narrow escape.

After you have escaped the trash mobs and the bosses mentioned above, you will be confronted with the vicious domina venom blade and margrave stardom. 

Domina Venomblade

To defeat her, you have to make sure that the stealth capacity of the brood assassins dies down before their assassinate dot reaches too high. Domina venom blade uses the shadow ambush, which can be very painful for your character and to defend yourself against that, you can use the anti-stun.

Try not to fight all the assassins and keep your focus on the brood assassins so that you get over with this task early.

Use the AOE attacks as this will target a larger group of people. 

Tank classes and healing classes will always have an advantage over her.

Margrave Stardama

If you are a tank or DPS class, Margrave stardom will be an easy job to defend. She has a plague crash which is something to look out for because of the intensity of this attack and the damage it can cause.

There is a tentacle slam as well, and to defend yourself against that, you need F

If you have disease cleanses and healing abilities, the infectious rain that margrave stardom can defend against.

Tanks can get shot with the tentacle attack she has, and thus the only option is to keep moving.

How can we skip the trash and the first two bosses?

Skipping the first two bosses is an option that will allow you to reach the slime serpent mount faster although you still have to fight off the trash that will come in your way. The steps to follow are:

There will be two plaguerocs in the center hill which you have to pull before the wind buffet spell throws you into the trash mob waiting.

Globgrog will try to pull the decaying flesh giant which will be blocking the area and your task will be to pull it before him.

After this, try interrupting the creepy crawlers and the kite which are irritatingly continuously sprawling in the AOE pools.

There will be a stacking DOT which you have to minimize at any cost and make sure when you are running, you stay to the right side of the path.

Patrols and packs will be running to the left so you have to continuously avoid them and stay on the other side. When they are coming closer or you feel a threat, use one plagueroc which you have collected from the center hill.

You will see the gauntlet killing virulax beaver. Make sure you go through it intricately and look out for the triggered slime tentacles and plagueborer explosions.

Then you will see a wide area which is known as the doctor ikus’s area. You have to run through it and take the stairs that are leading up. Look out for the trash mobs while you are aiming for the stairs.

On the right side, you will see the venomous sniper. This is the only trash mob you are supposed to deal with so ensure that you are always on the right side and avoid any other kind of mob because that will just waste your time and energy.

Then you will reach the Domina venomblade’s area and this is where you have to kill another set of mobs.

Once you are done killing, make sure you drag the mob away from the defender of many eyes.

Ensure that your CC is ready when bulwark of maldraxxus is cast upon you so that you can save yourself. 

Finally, getting the slime serpent.

Once you are done defeating these two bosses, you will have to return to where you killed off the domina venom blade. You have to interact with the teleporter for this. The curious slime serpent will be lying towards the left of the room, where you can interact and gather it. When you click on the serpent, an option to “pet” it will be shown. Click on it, and once you do that, the amount will be added to your collection, and you can use it whenever you want.

Best classes for this challenge

This one of the tough challenges in the shadowlands, and thus not all classes are manageable and survivable for this. The plague will require the players to fight solo; types with tanks with healing and damage reduction will work well. Vengeance demon hunters and blood death knights are the best and top-class for this challenge. If you are a DPS, the courses with pets like beast mastery hunter are the most suitable and work successfully.

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